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Benchmarks Of The Gentoo-Based Calculate Linux

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    Originally posted by Chewi View Post
    One of Gentoo's Summer of Code projects was proper NM integration. I gather it's gone quite well.
    and the best thing: even if it goes perfectly I do not have to use that annoying crap.


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      Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
      People often say that computer is like a toaster, an appliance that's only for work. It should have an OS preinstalled, not offer many options, and it should provide a wizard for everything to hide the complexity from you. To me, it's not a toaster. It's more like a huge set of Legos, or a good puzzle. The more you play with it, the more you learn. . . .

      There are plenty of toasters out there in the OS market. Some of them are really good toasters. But I want my Legos
      This is the single best explanation I have ever read for prefering Gentoo. (Best being "like mine" )