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Arch Linux 2010.05 Media Released

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  • Arch Linux 2010.05 Media Released

    Phoronix: Arch Linux 2010.05 Media Released

    The Arch Linux distribution that uses a rolling-release model has provided new installation media that provides an updated snapshot of their core packages along with some improvements to the distributed media itself...

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    I saw some mistakes in the annoucment:
    - i686, not i386
    - dual-arch images provide full i686 and x86_64 live environments. not just the set of packages.
    - not all isos come with core snapshots. netinstall images don't have it.


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      Phoronix and their half-baked news/articles...

      Who needs quality and refining when they just need lots of morons watching their ads? They don't care about users at all.

      Also, I find most of their ads quite isulting. I don't need dating services, this seems very nerd stereotyped :P

      If Phoronix quality continues to get worser and more pathetic, I'll abandon this site. I'm started to feel uncomfortable and see the content being disgustig, with lots of stupidity and badly done stuff.


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        I wish bloggers / reviewers would mention the rolling release distros more frequently. A lot of public exposure comes from major releases. Gentoo for instance has completely abandoned incremental release media and thus never gets reviewed or compared against the snapshotted distros even though they make great strides which go unnoticed. Arch is a terrific distro too. I'd recommend it over the *buntus for just about anyone that doesn't really need their hand held.


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          @Smorg: the lack of popularity doesn't seem to be a drawback for Arch, imo. As long as it does the job, its repositories evolve constantly... IMO it has enough exposure to offer the option to potential users to try it out and find it fit.