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Thank God, Fedora 14 Is Not Fytnargin

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    Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
    The release naming is actually a GAME.

    F11: Leonidas
    F12: Constantine
    F13: Goddard
    Laughlin: is-a PROFESSOR OF PHYSICS (like goddard)
    Fytnargin: is-a MOUNTAIN (like goddard)
    Their naming system, game or not, is even WORSE than Ubuntu's. Who's going to know what 'Goddard' or 'Laughlin' refers to?!? At least, Ubuntu's names are animals and anyone will know what they are or have a clue. Debian uses Toy Story. There's a point to most of them. Fedora????

    Fedora is a good distro, though. I go by the numbers, anyway...12...13... etc.


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      Yep, I go by the numbers as well. It's easier to immedialety understand that version 4 of given software comes after version 3 of the same software, as opposed to trying to figure out which is the more recent version, "Grinhalmrtr" or "Cgrasffgh"?
      Whenever I see a reference to a code name instead of the actual version number I have to go find a reference chart to know what version they are talking about... it's troublesome, although the ubuntu naming scheme does keep a sense of order by going with the alphabet, although I still have a hard time knowing if we are in letter K or L or M or whatever.


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        Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
        I don't know about that.... there is (may be) intelligence behind a professor. There is no intelligence behind a mountain.

        Robert Goddard: Rocket scientist (literally)
        Robert Laughlin: Won a nobel prize in physics for something about "quantum fluid" and superconductors.

        So what do we honor? Intellect or mass?
        Intellect seems more suited to a Linux distro. Naming something after a mountain would be more suited to MS -- they have the size but not the brains.
        In general I would agree with you. Mass is just a bunch of atoms being there. But as a code name for a distro that evolves the Linux desktop, I think a mountain would be more suited.

        Fedora: extremely intelligent - Sounds like marketing crap
        Fedora: a mountain of progress - Sounds like it has improved massively

        What you say?


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          But, Fedora is choosing names that can refer to A, B or C (or all?). The latest one is a surname of a Physics Professor? But, the last name is the only one used. There is NO reference to the actual professor! One has to look up where they came up with the name. I guess if you're curious and bored, you might but how many will? Imho, it's silly.

          At least, Ubuntu with their silly names, use animals so everyone knows what a Koala is! You might not agree with the adjective and the actual name they chose but we know what they are.

          Whether it's a mountain or an indication of someone intelligent, I don't think it matters. They're supposed to switch it up on the next name, aren't they?