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Canonical Has An "Ubuntu Light" Spin For OEMs

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  • Canonical Has An "Ubuntu Light" Spin For OEMs

    Phoronix: Canonical Has An "Ubuntu Light" Spin For OEMs

    The Ubuntu Developer Summit is kicking off today in Brussels, Belgium for Ubuntu 10.10 (a.k.a. the Maverick Meerkat) and as such there is likely to be a stream of Ubuntu Maverick news this week. To kick things off, Mark Shuttleworth has written yet another blog post and this time its detailing Canonical's newest product for OEMs: Ubuntu Light...

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    I tried UNR 10.04 on my Eee PC on the day it was released, but thought it was too bloated for my the Eee's limited hardware, and I wasn't using most of the features anyway. So I decided to roll-my-own netbook Linux desktop using Arch.

    I installed only the bare minimum of software. I put an Avant-Window-Navigator in "panel" mode down the left side of the screen that I use for launching and as a task manager, and am using Compiz as a window manager. I know it's not lightweight, but it's very configurable, and without anything else running, I can afford the resources; with Claws and Chromium open, I am using less than 200MB of memory.

    Imagine my surprise to see the "Ubuntu Light" screenshot this morning. It's almost an exact copy of what I have on my netbook right now. The only real difference is that I don't have a top panel because vertical screen real-estate is precious, and I can put indicators down the left side.

    I feel kind of like Mark Shuttleworth has been spying one me.