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Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Made It Out Today

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  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Made It Out Today

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Made It Out Today

    While a few hours ago it looked uncertain whether Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (a.k.a. the "Lucid Lynx") would actually be released today due to a serious bug that caused the ISOs to be re-spun, Canonical managed to pull through and now the Lucid Lynx is officially out in the wild...

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    Will this be the last reference of Ubuntu 10.04? I'm guessing all future articles will be about 10.10 as soon as the first alpha is released. Is there any change the article titles could clearly specify alpha beta and rc and possibly final for all distros, it would make it a lot clearer when doing searches


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      I'm sure Michael will be running a fair number of 10.04 benchmarks now that it has been released (such as the Windows 7/MacOS/Ubuntu article next week), but it might be nice to have an easy way to search articles by OS/Version (with checkboxes to allow including snapshots/RC/Alpha/Beta/Final).

      It would probably require someone to go back through the archive and categorize/tag each article, though, which would be a bit of busy-work (beyond the actual search development). It might be possible to tweak the current google site-search to do a keyword search if the articles had the right metadata tags, but I'm probably just spewing a bunch of uneducated crap here...

      On another note: Yay 10.04 was released before I leave to go home... which means that I have something to do tonight when I'm avoiding doing my homework.


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        Ubuntu 8.04 (for me) was more troublesome than 10.04, in 8.04 one couldn't change the keyboard layout with a keyboard shortcut (for months!) which is very painful for non-english users. Also, they shipped it with Firefox beta (5) version, so the LTS releases are not as stable and bug free as a newbie might think.

        Not to mention "the innovation" about the vehemently opposed left-side window buttons, plus the notifications which can't be closed (lucky those using Fedora or windows$ who doesn't have such type of "innovation") and hence you have to cope with a black spot on your screen for like 6 seconds or keep your mouse over it (wacky workaround), the list goes on. The point is, while Ubuntu is getting better it also introduces bad decisions which set it back. The new theme is bulky and plain funny, it's not a cure for the Ubuntu look, at best it's a badly designed painkiller. The icons however finally became modern, after 10 years of Gnome development.


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          I'm very disappointed about Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for one reason: I can't install it on my Laptop at all. After Booting CD and choosing Install, Check CD etc. I get message like disable/ing IRQ 5 (I don't remember how exactly it show up), then goes to lower numbers and screens is black, no response. After some time CD stops spin and the darkness remain. I never had such issue with previous LTS release. Decline?


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            Sorry for double post but it seems post commenting is disabled. On Ubuntu Forums, user nucleuskore post a solution to this problem:

            I was getting a blank screen (out of sync) on booting from the live cd. I worked around the problem as follows:

            * At install screen press F6 and select nomodeset and install Ubuntu as usual.
            * On first boot after install, press e on getting the GRUB bootloader.
            * Using arrow keys navigate to and delete quiet and splash and type the word nomodeset in their place
            * Press Ctrl and X to boot
            * You should now be able to login to your Ubuntu as usual

            For those of you who do not know what to do next, in the taskbar click on System->Administration->Hardware drivers, and select and activate the nvidia current driver if you have an nvidia card like I do. The driver will be downloaded and activated automatically, and you will be prompted for a reboot.


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              I'm upgrading now.
              I can tell that lots of people are upgrading too because 10mbps of pipe only has a 35KB stream going through it.

              Shortcoming noted:
              Package management unable to multitask.

              In all fairness; I wouldn't want to be the one responsible to make that work. :P


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                I would pass this time, and see how it goes for most of the people. Getting new versions of Ubuntu has left me countless troubles both on desktop and laptop (especially laptop)


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                  Aside from taking four hours and 'failing' due to brain-dead install scripts which claim to fail just because they can't create a directory on a read-only file system, my netbook upgrade went OK. Everything still seems to work and the background is purple rather than brown.

                  The left-hand window controls lasted about a minute before I moved them back to the right, not so much because they're a bad idea as because they just look ugly on the netbook edition; I'd have been willing to at least give them a try otherwise. I also noticed that the 2D version of the netbook desktop has much larger icons and separation between buttons for some reason and took much longer to log in so I stuck to the 3D desktop.


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                    This release is a real joke. After solving the No Sync problem I choose installation and... the cursor is so sluggish and so slow, the install menu reacts with lateness(!). All this happens on NVIDIA Laptop card. I can't understand how did they manage to to such massive step back comparing to previous LTS (which works flawlessly on Laptops) and personally I'm feed up with Ubuntu after this ride. I'm currently waiting for Mint 9 LTS, should be released at end of May.