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Ubuntu's Yahoo Affair Lasted Only Three Months

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  • Ubuntu's Yahoo Affair Lasted Only Three Months

    Phoronix: Ubuntu's Yahoo Affair Lasted Only Three Months

    Back in January we reported that Yahoo! would become the default search engine for Mozilla Firefox found in the forthcoming release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. This was because of a revenue sharing agreement between Yahoo and Canonical off the advertisements shown within the search results when using the Yahoo search engine in Ubuntu. Up to this point Google was the default search engine as it is by default with Firefox, but in a last minute change, Google is back in bed with Canonical and will be the premiere search engine for Ubuntu 10.04...

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    This post gives a little more color:


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      Originally posted by mendieta View Post
      This post gives a little more color:
      To be more concrete, the post appears to be from Jamie Bennett

      He's saying that the deal with Yahoo is still on, but implying that the community didn't like the change in default search engine, and that motivated the decision. Of course, this means they'll make little to no money at all with the deal, because only a few people will switch to Yahoo.


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        Money changes everything.


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          Nice bone they gave us.

          They changed back the default search engine, a change that is easily made and most don't care about (from my very informal observations), and left the awful window theme change (on an LTS!). Yeah, really glad they listen to their users I completely understand that Shuttleworth is now interested in design, but for the love of ... whatever ... don't try to justify this on usability or design grounds. It completely fails the former (except for the original order, from left to right, of the buttons, IMHO), and the design, well, lets say it looks familiar and if you are going to make something look ... familiar ... you need to do a bang-up job.
          Ach, sorry for the off-topic. It was just the comment that mentioned that it might be the users unrest that forced the change made me relive the dictatorial bs that Shuttleworth pulled a few weeks back. Again, it is his company, but if you are going to be this blatant, don't spit in our face, etc.



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            The move was expected on Yahoo's front. But I think Google's association with cannonical should be beneficial from customer point of view.Google has already some decent search appliances(platforms) like Solr, in the open source world to it's credit.I reviewed Solr's referral guide at