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Fedora Rawhide Quickly Switching To Fedora 14

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  • Fedora Rawhide Quickly Switching To Fedora 14

    Phoronix: Fedora Rawhide Quickly Switching To Fedora 14

    To eliminate having to freeze the bleeding-edge Fedora Rawhide repository once the next release of this free software Linux distribution enters its own alpha/feature freeze, a new development branch has been created so that Rawhide can immediately begin hosting packaged for the next Fedora release. In other words, beginning next week once the Fedora Alpha freeze goes into effect, Rawhide will begin receiving packages that will not appear until Fedora 14...

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    It will be interesting to see how things play out... will it mean more/smoother development between releases? Or will it mean less polish on the actual releases (due to resources being spent on rawhide where they would otherwise be spent on polishing)?


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      Fedora 13, huh? I guess the people at RedHat aren't triskaidekaphobic...


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