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Fedora Rants #2

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  • Fedora Rants #2

    In order for Fedora Core to surpass Ubuntu, Network Manager MUST work out of the box with every centrino laptop and every desktop pc out there including Mac Mini, Also, NVU must be updated so it can be included with Fedora Extras. There must be imovie-like software available for people who want to make a video in ogg theora or other formats and can be saved on to a DVD. There must be WineX technologies built in so a lot of Windows games can be played. The GUI interface could be rendered in 3D with supported video cards a la Windows Vista Aero. There should a Ltunes-like software built in that converts CDs to OGG or LAME MP3 formats and uses gracenote cddb to display the names so no manual typing is needed. Also, gnucash should be included in Fedora Extras. Next time, I will rant a bit about lack of easier software installations...

    Mark McLaughlin -

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    You must add some content to your website. It must be the lamest website I've ever seen.


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      Is there some competition going on between Ubuntu and FC that I am unaware of? They are completely different distros... why should FC try to imitate anything that Ubuntu does.

      People use Ubuntu because they are Linux noobs and want a good setup out of the box. FC seems to be catered to a different crowd really.


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        im a noob and im taking to FC pretty well, its made easy, but there is little handholding. there are tons of guides, so usually issues are easily resolved. its the perfect learning enviroment. it always provides a challenge, most it also runs right out of the box too


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          i used FC because it seemed the best for me.