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  • Fedora Rants #1

    Hello folks, if you are like me who wants Fedora Core to be more like Ubuntu, then check out my Rants...

    Rant #1 : NetworkManager has to work out of the box, very little configuration needed.

    Rant #2 : NVU needs to be updated to 1.1 or 2.0 so someone needing a good HTML
    editor will be able to download it from Extras.

    Rant #3 : Audacity should be updated and included in Extras.

    Rant #4 : A PDF Printer should be included for non OpenOffice apps.

    Rant #5 : K3b converted to GNOME, it is the best DVD burner software for FC.

    Rant #6 : Software that rivals XMMS and has a MP3 plug-in for it, and is made
    available in Extras.

    Rant #7 : Software similar to iMovie and/or iDVD so one can make a DVD or Movie
    using open source technology.

    I hope Fedora Core 6 or 7 will finally be able to compete with Ubuntu....

    Mark McLaughlin - Writer/Fedora User - [email protected]

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    What configuration problems have you had with Fedora and NetworkManager? I have used FC5 with updated NetworkManager fine out of the box with multiple notebooks and laptops.

    The latest stable Audacity (1.2.4b) is in Fedora Extras.
    Michael Larabel


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      I have hardly touched FC or Ubuntu, but if you like Ubuntu, why not just go that route? What's FC offering you that you enjoy so much?


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        The only think about FC # i found irksome (besides for the package management) is that you need to jump through all sorts of hoops to do anything that might be patented, like say play .mp3's for example. Yea I know its considered illegal, but I haven't heard of any people getting sued for playing .mp3 files in linux from an mp3 player that didn't license support. That also applies to dvd playback, but thats a bit more understandable... There were a few other things similar to the previous two issues that my friend ran into when he used Fedora core 5. I'll just stick with Slackware.



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          Fedora Rants #1 Reply

          NetworkManager doesn't pop up on a DELL Inspiron 8600 laptop and it doesn't work with the Intel PRO 2100 centrino chip.

          I hope someone has posted a way to install a mp3 plug-in so FC users can also play them.

          Although I like Ubuntu, I see Fedora Core catching up with great apps and bleeding edge technologies that Ubuntu hasn't got to, yet.

          NVU must be updated so it can be used with Fedora Core.

          If you go to, a lot more people other than myself also feel the same way about FC, like people who use Ubuntu feel the same way about that OS.

          I saw that FC is third most downloaded OS behind SUSE and Ubuntu in, so it is still relevant.

          The $130 laptop for kids will use a slimmed down version of Fedora instead of Ubuntu, so it's worth checking out.

          I'm hoping Fedora Core 6 will surpass SUSE and be neck to neck with Ubuntu in September.

          It is good to have competition among the OSs, each one gets better because of that.

          More to say in Rants #2!!!

          Mark McLaughlin - [email protected]