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CentOS 5.4 vs. OpenSuSE 11.2 vs. Ubuntu 9.10 Benchmarks

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    Originally posted by kraftman View Post
    I'd want to, but SQLite benchmark doesn't work properly here. It looks like it's caught in some loop and it doesn't want to finish. I ran it using Ext4 and default settings. Pgbench works fine.
    Well according to the article it can take ~ 15 minutes to finish on Ubuntu/opensuse.


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      openSUSE, not openSuSE

      I really like this site and I read it almost every day as it always brings a wealth of good information concerning desktop linux. One thing that always makes me cringe is when Michael uses the term "openSuSE." It is either SUSE Linux or openSUSE, there is no "openSuSE." If you are referring to historical naming, there is S.u.S.E, but that was changed SuSE in 1998 and then was changed to SUSE in 2003. The openSUSE project was announced in 2005 and has never once used the old SuSE casing in its branding. So with 6 years since the casing was changed and 4 years since openSUSE was announced, Michael still gets it wrong? Is he just ignorant of the name change or just doesn't care?

      So please, next time you write up an article about openSUSE, please use the correct casing. It will make you look more professional and it's much easier to type to boot!

      p.s. I gleaned all the dates from Wikipedia as I can't remember all the dates. (I'm not that big of a SUSE nut!)