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  • Freespire Beta 1

    The free Linspire distro -- Freespire, has finally come out with Beta 1. Has anyone tried it out yet?

    Release Notes:

    Downloading now to give it a try, for whatever its worth.
    Michael Larabel

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    I'll pass. Usually when the commercial version is crap, it carries onto the free version.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on it though.


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      Installer: Just like the one on Linspire Five O. Easy to use, takes practically no time at all, doesn't allow selecting individual packages to install. Took only like 4 minutes for install (though that was on a beefed up quad core system).

      Desktop Usage: Just like Linspire.... They did do a nice job with the theme to attract beginning users and what not. Some of the icons I think are simply awful. It comes bloated a lot with CNR items.

      Need I say more on this matter? From what I had done with it so far. I can only see Freespire working out for those that are definitely computer illiterate.
      Michael Larabel


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        pretty colors... not!


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          Is there a reason sites like that save images as a GIF? I mean... they are dithered as heck, and a JPG would not take more space.

          Either way, that does look like a rather boring distro, unless you are a complete noob and are unwilling to learn actual Linux.

          I don't know what it is... that OS has always been appalling. Of course, I've never actually used it, so I may not have a ground to stand on.


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            Here are some of the Phoronix ones --
            Michael Larabel


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              I gave the second beta release a try on my Intel. I can't believe how much outdated software they package into a single distro! The kernel is older than my ASUS P5WD2-E Premium, so the sky2 module is non-existant. Basically, that means I was without internet on that system.

              Also, even though the usb audio module existed and was probed, JACK would not pick up on it.. so no internet OR sound.

              19 month old version of KDE..

              I dunno... I agree with Michael. I really think this is for complete PC novices...