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Novell Assigns 10 Devs dedicated to openSUSE

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  • Novell Assigns 10 Devs dedicated to openSUSE

    Seems Novell has told 10 devs that their development work will be dedicated to openSUSE.

    CnP of the announcement:


    this is my first public message to openSUSE project, and that means first
    I'd like to introduce myself: My name is Roland Haidl aka rhaidl, and I
    started to work in SUSE nearly ten years ago. In that time I managed the
    SUSE documentation, usability, design etc. After Novell having bought
    SUSE I took over several other management task.

    Now, while Novell/OPS engineering adopted to a new strategy regarding
    openSUSE, we decided that the people, who Novell dedicated
    to work in the openSUSE project, come under my responsibility.

    For me that is awesome and something new - as it is in general. Why, since
    we already had Novell people working for openSUSE in the past? Well, the
    new thing that with this step Novell decided to intensify its openSUSE
    Now we have a group of people that is exclusively dedicated to the
    openSUSE project.

    It is not longer the "when time is left, please work in the openSUSE
    project" thing we often had before, we now have the singular situation to
    have a team of more than 10 experts in Novell to only work on openSUSE
    community topics. This is the Novell "openSUSE Team", and it is there to
    be a part of the community and make it easier for people to join in, enjoy
    and contribute.

    We (speaking as part of the Novell management) learned to trust the
    community, and, as a result of this, want to support the project even
    more. For proof let's see how the team will work.

    Of course the team also has reponsibilities, that is basically the openSUSE
    distribution and the healthy growth of the project.
    Both challenges will and can only be done in a strong community with YOU
    and I hope you appreciate the existance of the new team as much as I do.

    The people working in the team are all well known since they already worked a
    lot in the community. I leave it up to the team to introduce itself. As
    the lead of the team we nominated Klaas Freitag, who is an experienced
    manager on the one hand and a community guy on the other. Henne
    Vogelsang takes over the role as project manager openSUSE, and Stephan
    Kulow will continue to be the release manager for the next openSUSE


    Roland Haidl - Director Operations&Communities OPS - Novell Inc.
    SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, GF: Markus Rex, HRB 16746 (AG N?rnberg)