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Linux Mint Looks To Fork More GNOME Software, Make XApp More Independent

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    Originally posted by mirmirmir View Post
    Xapp? Didn't know Elon musk bought Linux mint.
    They're working on adding AI so it can rewrite itself in Rust just like the Cybertruck.


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      Originally posted by eszlari View Post
      All this effort to provide a Windows-like experience based on GNOME tech, when they could have just moved to KDE.
      KDE simply sucks so heavily that people put in the effort.


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        Originally posted by In_Mint_Condition View Post

        How did you interpret that from what Michael wrote?

        "As part of the Adwaita library catering just to GNOME's needs and apps relying on libAdwaita really being focused on GNOME, they are looking at forking more older GTK3 versions of different GNOME applications to maintain them as part of XApp.

        Their hope is with a more independent XApp that they can collaborate more with other Linux distributions and see more contributions from other parties.‚Äč"

        I interpreted it as the exact opposite, GNOME designed the apps to exclusively use libAdwaita which while great for GNOME, it breaks on other desktops. Instead Mint are looking at an independent XApp that can be made in collaboration with other desktops so they too don't have to go and duplicate the work on comparable app on their desktops.

        Maybe Michael can clarify which of us understood his words...
        Thats like complaining that KDE Discovery is based on KDE Libs on top of plain Qt and claiming it breaks other desktops because it heavily depends on Breeze to look correct.
        Gnome apps are Gnome apps, KDE apps are KDE apps. They work on other desktops just fine, they just won't feel "native" and this is all about that.


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          Anybody over at Mint planning on taking up the flag and becoming official maintainers for X11/ server?


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            Cinnamon in, Budgie out. boogie buggy Still In Development SID on Debian when there is need to work on issues, new fresh fork Wanted


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              Originally posted by Danny3 View Post
              And again more crappy decisions from Clem and others in the Linux Mint management!
              A distro that does absolutely everything, except what it should do, like embracing either KDE Plasma or Gnome and polish that experience, it will never be a good distro and it will never be a distro that I will recommend to anyone!
              As for Xcrapps, who the fuck uses that (outstide of Linux Mint)?
              Are all Linux Mint developers suffering from the NIH syndrome?
              Glad that I abandoned Linux Mint a long time ago!
              It is GNOME who abandon GTK themes and do their own thing. One need to either ask all existing GTK themes in the world to create their libAdwaita counterparts, give up be ugly, or fork everything. Don't forget, those people behind libAdwaita are anti-theming. They hate user themes.

              If you read the blog post, you will see they mentioned the forks by MATE as well. Xubuntu picked the MATE forks for some voids but not all of them are filled. No non-libAdwaita scanner front-end for example so they are forced to run the GNOME one because no resources to come up with a fork in time.

              Mixing KDE/Qt applications into a GTK based DE is moron. You are telling a desktop environment to tie itself to *both* the update/upgrade schedule of Qt & GTK. So the next choice is do what LXDE did - create LXQt and give up GTK altogether. LXDE can do that because its goal is mostly on being a lightweight desktop environment, no matter what "lightweight" actually means. LXDE/LXQt also got no deadline to meet as it isn't a Linux distribution by itself. But LInux Mint and Cinnamon can't. The goal of Cinnamon is providing a modern GTK based desktop environment while maintaining the traditional metaphors. Even if one don't care the crash of role with KDE Plasma, there is still the concern of how many years one will take for a small team to migrate everything from GTK to Qt. And then there is also the stubborn MATE that will probably never leave GTK.

              Taking everything into consideration, you will see that forking more GNOME applications into the umbrella of XApp is already the least tiring choice for Linux Mint and Cinnamon.


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                sad that they screw up the DE since like 2 years or so. i can't play the only game i play with their DE and the bug report got 0 answers


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                  People here seem to think XApps means X11 apps, no, the X is a cross, as in cross-desktop, because the whole point was that Mint would ship the exact same app set on their Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce versions.


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                    A bunch of work that will eventually be abandoned when they could just switch to KDE


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                      Originally posted by Danny3 View Post
                      like embracing either KDE Plasma or Gnome and polish that experience, it will never be a good distro and it will never be a distro that I will recommend to anyone!
                      Remember Gnome 2 and KDE 3.5? They were getting polished by everyone until Gnome and KDE leadership let everyone down and broke them.

                      Gnome and KDE will never be good desktop environments. They have had decades to become good and have failed.
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