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Ubuntu 24.10 Is The "Oracular Oriole"

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    Originally posted by EphemeralEft View Post
    The current codename for Linux is "Hurr durr I'ma ninja sloth", so the bar isn't set very high.
    At first I thought you were joking, but sure enough, in the Makefile:

    # SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
    VERSION = 6
    SUBLEVEL = 0
    NAME = Hurr durr I'ma ninja sloth​

    Imagine your stock broker calls you one day and the following conversation takes place:

    Charlie the stock broker - Frank, buddy, how you doing?

    Frank - Hey Chuck, what's the good word?

    Charlie - Do i have an opportunity for you.

    Frank - Talk to me.

    Charlie - It's an IPO, I can get you in at 33.

    Frank - 33? You think there's good upside here?

    Charlie - It's all upside man, have I ever steered you wrong?

    Frank - Ok, tell me about this company.

    Charlie - Well they are a software company that doesn't sell software, they give away for free.

    Frank - Wait, what? Then how do they make money?

    Charlie - The sell support contracts.

    Frank - Do they have a monopoly on the market or do they have competition?

    Charlie - They have lots of competition, from the upstream software vendor they are based on and all the downstream variants that use them as a base, not to mention all the other competitors that release free versions, all using the same basic foundation.

    Frank - Tell me about this foundation.

    Charlie - It's named, hold on to your hat, Hurr durr I'ma ninja sloth.

    Frank - Hurr durr I'ma ninja sloth?

    Charlie - Yep. And the flagship product they make is named Oracular Oriole​.

    Frank - Well you talked me into it, sold. Sign me up for 10 thousand shares.

    Charlie - Wait, really? Are you drunk again?

    Frank - Well, yeah, obviously.

    Charlie - Yeah, me too. I'll send you a prospectus right over.

    Frank - Good man.


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      Oracle suing in 3, 2, 1…


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        Auricular areola