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Fedora 42 Change Proposal Wants To Make KDE Plasma The Default Over GNOME

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  • Fedora 42 Change Proposal Wants To Make KDE Plasma The Default Over GNOME

    Phoronix: Fedora 42 Change Proposal Wants To Make KDE Plasma The Default Over GNOME

    A change proposal filed for fedora 42 seeks to make KDE Plasma the default desktop of Fedora Workstation while GNOME would move to its own separate spin/edition. The proposal has yet to be voted on by the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) but given Red Hat's deep roots with GNOME, I have a hard time seeing this pass at least in the near-term...

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    April 1


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      Good riddance. I just hope it's not April's fools because that might kill their credibility and unnecessary pours oil on the desktop wars.


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        It's a nice joke but Fedora is Gnome, period. This won't ever change until Fedora is part of RedHat which heavily sponsors Gnome and Wayland development.


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          Plasma 6 still has a long way to go, especially on Wayland...


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            I Don't know if this Will be approved, but at least the propossal is a recognition of all The merits off KDE.


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              Throwback to 2002 when a Red Hat employee loudly quit because Red Hat were treating GNOME better than KDE in Red Hat Linux (not "Enterprise Linux", but the original RHL which is the direct precursor to Fedora). Some things never change

              Vicegrip writes "In an article on leaked release notes on Redhat 8.0 CNet also revealed that Bernhard Rosenkraenzer, known here on Slashdot as berorh, has quit over objections he has on what Redhat is doing to KDE in the new release. Bero says that the new version of KDE in Redhat 8.0 is going to b...


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                > There are several upcoming protocols being driven by KDE as well, such as:
                > - alpha-modifier (set alpha values for a surface)
                > - ext-blur (enable blur effect underneath a surface)
                > ...
                > KDE Plasma offers the most advanced Wayland desktop experience today, providing support for highly-demanded features
                > ...
                > - Color management

                Oh my, nice trolling. Come back when you figured out *that* combination. Shipping half-backed solutions that only cover one use case or the other might be nice for early adopters to play around - creating proper solutions takes some more effort.

                Edit: in any case, it's nice that KDE is now a serious player in the Wayland game. That should make things better for everyone.

                Edit2: IMO the irony here is that they picked Fedora and not, say, Ubuntu. It's the one distro that - IMO - aligns most with the Gnome philosophy of not rushing to ship semi-functional island solutions fast and instead focus on doing the heavy lifting to create solutions that work in the long-term.
                KDE has a long history of having "more features" than Gnome - and I can totally see why people like it - just like many distros offer "highly-demanded features" and "put the user in the center". Well, and then at some point the Fedora / Gnome solutions arrives and gets adopted by most.

                *If* the proposal is actually serious, I think the authors should take another moment and reflect again *why* Fedora is what it is. And why KDE, with its different philosophy, might not be the best fit.
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                  WTF? If it's not a joke, those KDE fanatics think too much of themselves. Fedora = GNOME.
                  The best answer to this 'proposal' would to remove KDE spin from Fedora and make it unofficial.


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                    Heh yeah this was an april fools joke, makes no sense after the team behind fedora already mentioned how gnome is not actually just a default, but basically part of the direction of the entire operating system. As in it's basically part of what they consider fedora workstation, not just a package that happens to be installed on it.