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Red Hat Changing How They Handle Their Minor Release Betas

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    Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post

    Perfect world with OpenZFS is that A/B partitions will use reflinks so they shouldn't take up much more space than using snapshots. Bcachefs and BTRFS outta be able to utilize reflinks like that, too. With modern file systems, the old ways with multiple partitions for A/B isn't really necessary. According to the RHEL manuals, using BTRFS and Snapper is unsupported on production systems.

    Anyways, the only reason I care is that if they're going to make fewer ISOs per year then it makes sense that there be an alternate way to test the upcoming releases and updates on your physical hardware without risking your current setup.

    Am I the only one here who runs a live ISO on their hardware before running dist upgrades?
    Okay that really sounds like snapper with extra steps. Reflinks a la rsnapshot are just a more fragile (why? because they're not atomic.) way of doing snapshots without filesystem support.

    RedHat isn't going to support this, if they were they'd support snapper already.
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      It's a multi-pronged scheme.