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Fedora 40 Eyes The Ability To Boot Unified Kernel Images Directly

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    Originally posted by User29 View Post
    Wow. I have started with LILO, then grub took over. And now it seems grub will be gone soon.
    I started with LI

    And if you get that, you also went through the pain I did more than once.


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      Originally posted by billyswong View Post

      I think for people who are still using GRUB, which is the majority of Linux users, the UEFI bootloader is grubx64.efi
      For any distro that supports Secure Boot (AFAIK), in an SB-supporting install, shim is the first thing run. It runs grub. This is because shim is the bit that's signed with the SB keys. Everything after it is signed with a distro key, and shim trusts the distro's key. It's basically there to perform a trust pivot.


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        Originally posted by The the View Post
        You still you UEFI when booting into GRUB. Just because you add some open source code on top of proprietary code doesn't make it open source.
        And? GRUB is the abstraction layer we do control over the hardware we don't. It's still an improvement.


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          Originally posted by Britoid View Post
          systemd-boot can boot images from ext 4, xfs and btrfs as long as it has an efi driver, which are already available.
          I'm interested in doing this. Are you using drivers from here, or others?


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            I am using secure boot with UKI for 2 years now on Arch btw, the only current problem is OptionRom may be signed with MS keys, see here for possible workarounds , sbctl is a tool for signing UEFI bundles/files.
            For now you can enroll your keys with MS keys to make OptionRom work correctly, if no OptionRom present or don't needed, you can enroll just your own keys to sign the UEFI images.

            PS systemd-boot has the menu and all other stuff if you want to select images or do custom things.



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              God do I hate grub. It's only good if you never touch anything to do with the boot process. Even updating my OS can break it.