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Ubuntu 23.10's Firefox Snap Enabling Wayland By Default

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    Originally posted by Mez' View Post
    Haha, spot on.
    But Red Hat has the marketing machine to influence them into believing in a false sense of community, so that 3rd party devs get the work actually done while Red Hat never really take responsibility for it themselves (it's always the fault of others when something they developed is broken). Basically everything Red Hat creates is poorly designed, but they are very good at brainwashing, and they don't assume what they do in the eyes of people (they will spread FUD on Canonical while doing the same as you mentioned), although their only goal is the bottom line, just as it is for Canonical. All they do is for themselves, not for a community they fakely try to persuade there is.

    Canonical does assume clearly on the contrary. They've always been honest about it and assuming it.
    I agree. Canonical at the very least is very upfront about their efforts. They straight come out and say they develop new things for their customer's needs, and if it happens to also benefit the Linux community as a whole, then they're happy about it. They open source everything either way, with the one exception being the Snapcraft website, which again is to the benefit of their customers who *want* a single source of truth for their apps. I'm sure somebody could submit a PR to Snapd with an optional build flag (that Ubuntu wouldn't use) that allows 3rd part repos and Canonical would accept it, but people would rather complain and suck Red Hat's peen instead of doing something useful.

    To this day, I maintain that upstart (while not perfect) was a much better solution for an init system than systemd.