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openSUSE Slowroll Released As A Slower Alternative To openSUSE Tumbleweed

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    I've been using Tumbleweed for 5 years, but I've also used Leap for a few years... my opinion is that today it doesn't make much sense to use a fix release distribution for desktop use, however there may be cases where it is the best solution.
    The "new" update model of this new distribution is certainly a good compromise, because Leap and the various fix release distributions are not more "stable" than Tumbleweed, it is just more predictable.​


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      Originally posted by rhavenn View Post
      As long as it "slowrolls" the core and keeps some of the more edge applications (Firefox, Chromium, Edge, PowerShell, ansible, terraform, etc...) recent I'm fine with that.
      For a desktop system, I’d rather go with a recent kernel and mesa instead. IMHO the primary reason, why Leap has been unpopular.
      Look at how widely spread Ubuntu LTS has become amongst gamers. With a good kernel and kisak’s mesa repo, these platforms perform extremely well.