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AlmaLinux No Longer Aims For 1:1 Compatibility With RHEL

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  • Originally posted by sophisticles View Post

    Now Red Hat needs to finish turning the screws by taking a page out of the NFL's playbook.

    For those of you that don't know the NFL strictly control who and how the name Super Bowl is used, for instance you may have noticed that in any none NFL commercial it is always referred to as "The Big Game" or something similar but no one outside the NFL is allowed to use Super Bowl because it is trademarked and the NFL aggressively protects that trademark.

    Red Hat should do the same thing and say that going forward no one is allowed to claim they are or are not binary or bug-for-bug compatible with RHEL, Red Hat or any reference to Red Hat's software.

    If these people want to build a Linux based business then let them do it on their own, no more free ride.
    Do you get mayo with your sandwich for trolling ?


    • Originally posted by AmericanLocomotive View Post
      I just don't understand the point of Red Hat clones. I thought the whole point of using Red Hat, was so you could get the enterprise-level support and service. Weren't you free to use Red Hat without a subscription anyways? You just would not get any support from Red Hat.

      ...then all of these 1:1 clones popped up that offered the Red Hat experience ...without the Red Hat support. So what was the point?
      the point is that redhat trolls should be less obvious