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  • Re: Config files to be modified??

    hello members

    Guess this is a really dumb question for u geeks out there, but am just
    a beginner & therefore wud appreciate a quick reply....

    I have just copied the first CD of FedoraCore5 onto my HDD... It has
    around 670 RPM's... well, I have deleted around 200 RPM's ( am in the
    process of learning to Strip packages down )...

    My question is, Do I now just Burn this new ( changed CD1 folder ) as
    an Image ??? Or are there any config files / other files that need to
    be changed before i can do this?????

    I realise that deleting some packages on CD1 mite actually cause some
    possible dependencies on CD's 2,3,4, 5 unstable....but the objective i
    guess, is to :

    1. overcome dependencies & make the install
    2. figure out the barest essential packages that mite be needed when i
    actually go about striping & customizing my OS...
    3. also figure out wat are the configs where the change needs to be

    Thanks in advance.....



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    I imagine this is the sane project of your Fedora stripping one. Fedora Core uses the Anaconda installer, and simply removing the RPMs from the directory will NOT work. You must first update the appropriate files.

    Rather then re-explaining everything that is already available in this guide ( I would recommend checking that out. Mainly what you need to tune into is the createrepo step and then making the ISO, and implanting the new MD5.

    If you have any other questions just let me know.
    Michael Larabel