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Microsoft's CBL-Mariner Linux Distribution Now Ships The AMD Graphics Driver

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  • pieman
    i do wonder if the rumors are true that microsoft will down the line replace the nt kernel with linux. with them pushing software as a service i really wonder if its worth it on their end to keep many vital windows components closed source, in house only. they can save a lot of money by adopting open source. able to utilize "free" labor from outside contributors instead of keeping everything behind lock and key in house funded solely by their paid developers. along with benefiting from other companies paid labor that works on such open source projects that can benefit microsoft's endeavors.

    look at the linux kernel and all the contributions that come in from third party developers, including other companies. imagine if the linux foundation had to fund all of those contributions in house. that is what microsoft is doing with windows. i don't see this business model able to sustain microsoft forever. sooner or later they will have to see the benefit of going completely open source. especially with their software as a service model.

    i just don't understand how microsoft thinks its a great idea to turn down some random guy living in france who would actually like to hack away on improving microsoft network stack, for free, no desire of any compensation from microsoft because its open source. rather than keep clinging onto wanting to keep it all locked away behind closed source resulting in only microsoft paid for developers can work on it. they are turning down a lot of people willing to improve windows, for free.
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  • Microsoft's CBL-Mariner Linux Distribution Now Ships The AMD Graphics Driver

    Phoronix: Microsoft's CBL-Mariner Linux Distribution Now Ships The AMD Graphics Driver

    In addition to Microsoft's Build 2023 conference this week where they announced expanded archive/compression format support, Windows Terminal improvements, more AI tech, and other initiatives, they also happened to release CBL-Mariner 2.0.20230518 as the newest version of their in-house Linux distribution...

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