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GRUB2 To Be Used By Default In Ubuntu 9.10

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    There is a patch for grub1:

    So basically you are not forced to use it. But the combination of os-prober + update-grub is much more flexible than manually changing menu.lst for other newly installed systems.


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      Originally posted by quintesse View Post
      What I would like is that for once they would add features that would make the whole boot process more failsafe in the event that the configuration can't be found anymore or when disks have been swapped around. I just hate it when I'm looking at a grub error and a blinking cursor and no idea what to do. Scan the disks for god's sake, look for bootable partitions and give me a list of possibilities, things like that.
      +1, good idea

      What I like about GRUB 2 is the ability to boot iso images which are stored on a hard disk. It doesn't always work for me (I probably just don't pass the same options), but I already got some images boot without having to burn them.


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        After testing, now I can say that Grub 2 seems to be as fast/slow as Grub 1. And it has also better resolution.


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          Booting from USB is certainly much slower than grub1 or syslinux/isolinux hybrid, otherwise it does not feel slow for me.


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            i've started using grub2 recently in gentoo.

            it was not a big issue for my config ( one ext2 /boot partition, and the rest of the system on lvm inside of encrypted partition )

            i especially like lvm support, and wider support for uuid. too bad the documentation is pretty poor atm.