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OpenMandriva ROME 23.03 Released With Linux 6.2 + KDE Plasma 5.27 Desktop

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    thx for fast fix


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      Originally posted by berolinux View Post

      Anything we do is 100% open. Our build system is abf, available at
      The only not fully open thing we use is github (seemed to be a good idea at the time because everyone already has an account there anyway, less trouble to sign up to report a bug or send a fix), but we do have local copies of all of our repositories and are prepared to move to a self-hosted instance if and when github messes up.
      I've been out of the loop here. Thanks for sharing this info.

      I'm always happy to see that hackers are able to tune software to their specific hardware needs.

      Personally I don't mind using github. It's a good idea to have a self-hosted alternative to not be 100% depended on it. Onedev looks pretty neat. It has a lot of bells and whistles on the frontend and the backend. Heck even helm charts. Not bad.

      Good luck with the project!

      PS: Well done on moving to dnf, it's worth the effort IMO.