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TUXEDO OS 2 Being Prepared With Linux 6.0, Updated KDE Desktop & More

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  • TUXEDO OS 2 Being Prepared With Linux 6.0, Updated KDE Desktop & More

    Phoronix: TUXEOD OS 2 Being Prepared With Linux 6.0, Updated KDE Desktop & More

    Bavarian Linux computer vendor TUXEDO Computers last year introduced TUXEDO OS as their tailored Linux distribution built atop Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. TUXEDO OS was delivering some performance improvements over stock (K)Ubuntu 22.04, ships with TUXEDO's configuration utilities by default, and other refinements to this desktop OS using the KDE Plasma desktop by default. The team in Augsburg is now preparing to ship TUXEDO OS 2 in the near future while this week they made available a public test snapshot.

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    Thanks for the article / reminder about this one. I meant to play with it after the v1 announcement but forgot until now. Seems like it might be a good distro for some family computers.


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      Very nice to hear!
      It's great that they are also support the KDE development by being a patron, so many thanks to them for that too!


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        Quite interesting ...
        Next time, is it possible to include KDE Neon in the tests ? (also based on Ubuntu LTS)

        FYI : I use KDE Neon with the last stable Mesa (via a PPA) and the last published kernel (via krn tool available on github)
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          I liked Neon, but my Grub broke with almost every update so I ditched it. Hoping Tuxedo will do better.


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            Nice to see KDE being preinstalled as default DE on new laptops.

            For the past 2 years, KDE Neon has been a smooth sailing on my old HP laptop.


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              Does that solve the "Fingerprint sensor (only on Windows)" problem that can be seen on ?