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    Phoronix: SAM Linux 2007

    SAM Linux is a distribution we had never heard of in the past, but with the 2007 edition of SAM coming out this week we couldn't help but to give it a try. SAM Linux is based upon PCLinuxOS and features a LiveCD with the Xfce 4.4 desktop. SAM Linux 2007 does include Beryl/XGL support, WINE, Flash 9, RealPlayer, Java, and much more. It is a clean distribution and looks extremely nice. If you're still trying to find the perfect match, SAM Linux 2007 may be worth trying out

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    It's due to an increasing number of such people blocking ads as to why I am not yet releasing more information on other power regressions and other very interesting articles.
    If you did release this information promptly, people would want to thank you by buying subscriptions. Making claims about holding it hostage for a payout nullifies any goodwill that would cause people to want to thank you.

    I know I brought a license for CrossOver to thank the people at Codeweavers for their efforts, but after reading this, I really do not feel like thanking you in the same way I thanked the people at Codeweavers.