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RHEL-Based AlmaLinux Announces "ALBS" Access For Its Public Build System

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    Originally posted by Vistaus View Post

    Bad analogy. Canonical has more than enough developers to take over Debian development, even if just to keep Ubuntu instead of maintaining Debian and Ubuntu side-by-side. AlmaLinux barely has enough developers to develop Alma, let alone take over Red Hat development.
    I knew you'd say something like that. I literally had, "Granted, Canonical has money." but I deleted it

    If Red Hat folds Linux is least in the short term. So much of modern Linux comes from Red Hat that I don't think there is a way that ANY distribution or Linux company could single-handedly absorb all the developers that would be needing a job if that happened.


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      Originally posted by Shred00 View Post
      How does all of this compare to Rocky's community and build transparency? I have to admit some amount of ignorance there but this does feel like Alma are taking the lead once more or rather "still" given that they have always been in the lead at least on terms of getting to GAs and supporting major version upgrades.
      From Rocky's page:

      Rocky Linux 9.0 will be ready for general release in the June - July 2022 timeframe after thorough testing and validation.

      In tandem with Rocky Linux 9, we are releasing Peridot, the new build system with which it is forged. We are excited to open source Peridot, which has been in development for over a year! This release represents our commitment to free and open source software as well as the longevity of the project which necessitates that Rocky Linux is built in the open, with replicable and verifiable tooling.
      So they have 9.0 coming up and also have their own build tool.


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        Meanwhile AlmaLinux 9 and their build system is already out.