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EPEL Statistics Show Recent Surge In Rocky Linux Usage Past AlmaLinux, CentOS Stream

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    Originally posted by edwaleni View Post

    Notice of renewal for annual maintenance agreement starts it in November, businesses start to look at alternatives.
    Do you mean ELS? Extended Life-cycle Support for RHEL6 started on 2020-12-01 and is usually renewed yearly, but has no relationship with any other "annual maintenance agreement". RHEL subscription terms are based on when they're purchased, not all of them are purchased on the same date by all global customers.


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      Originally posted by Britoid View Post

      It doesn't matter if one dies tbh because it's very easy to switch with any RHEL rebuild as apart from metadata and branding, they should be 100% identical.
      Maybe not very easy but certainly easier than to different distro.


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        Originally posted by lannieck View Post

        The post above from mroche gives some insight (pretty sure he's a red hatter
        I am indeed, just over my one year mark earlier this month

        I should clarify that my post was not about refuting growth/usage patterns or trying to change the framing of this discussion. It was purely to demonstrate a more appropriate and accurate parsing of the dataset; removing that group produces a much higher signal-to-noise ratio in terms of determining how many potential end-users and servers are actually using EPEL. Of course, not every Enterprise Linux server is going to be consuming EPEL content, and it doesn't account for systems behind internal content mirrors. What the countme data does provide is a decent baseline as to the overall adoption and health of the Enterprise Linux community.

        If I can speak candidly, as it's a train of thought I see come up in different spaces, I see no reason for any distribution to be aiming to take or be framed to be vying for CentOS Linux's prior spot in this ecosystem. All of the groups and users participating add to the Enterprise Linux community and that's ultimately a net benefit for everyone. The only thing I can ask is for everyone to be as open as possible and not to try and create silos or islands for their distributions.



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          The State of EPEL presentation is now on YouTube:

          Here's the playlist from the June 2022 CentOS Dojo for those that are interested:



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            Alma AMI descriptions:
            Official AlmaLinux OS 9.1 x86_64 image
            Official AlmaLinux OS 9.0 x86_64 image
            Official AlmaLinux OS 8.7 x86_64 image
            Official AlmaLinux OS 8.6 x86_64 image
            Rocky AMI descriptions:
            [Copied ami-077c5602b64cb2c66 from us-east-2] Rocky-8-ec2-8.6-20220515.0.x86_64