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Fedora 12 Features Get Laid Out

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  • Fedora 12 Features Get Laid Out

    Phoronix: Fedora 12 Features Get Laid Out

    Fedora 11 with all of its Nouveau support, Btrfs capabilities, and kernel mode-setting support glory isn't being released until later this month, but the features for Fedora 12 are already being planned out. A tentative feature list for this next Fedora release can already be found on the Fedora Project Wiki. Some of these features like straightforward multi-seat support were originally targeted at Leonidas but were then pushed back to Fedora 12. Additionally though, Red Hat intends to introduce liblvm in Fedora 12 to allow user-space applications to interface with an LVM (Logical Volume Manager)...

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    I thought the latest Gnome already had switched from Pidgin?

    Sounds like a pretty big deal to deprecate initrd. I hope we a commandline program again just like chkconfig.


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      Please do *not* switch to empathy as long as it does not support otr encryption!


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        Originally posted by bugmenot View Post
        Please do *not* switch to empathy as long as it does not support otr encryption!
        The default configuration is what it is, you can install the pidgin package it they "remove" it.


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          ohhh im disappointed.

          I read "Fedora 12 Features Get Laid" from the forum index and i figured fedora got lucky.

          12 fedora's, 9 ubuntu's. I think they need to follow the mandriva path and just throw a date on it


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            Fedora 12, codename "Elvis"
            Leonidas was a king; Elvis is The King.