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Fedora 36 Is A Terrific Release Especially For Linux Enthusiasts, Power Users

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    openminded All good. It was just a lighthearted tongue-in-cheek joke, just messing with ya! I'm a minimalist, so don't really use Gnome or KDE, but one of those niche WMs.


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      Originally posted by Vistaus View Post

      Font rendering on Ubuntu sucks because it uses GTK. In my long-time experience, GTK font rendering always ranges from a little bad to very bad.
      dunno. Ubuntu 22.04 sure looks good out of the box - easily rivalling, maybe surpassing, a mac. Can't think of any distro that comes close in terms of average-joe-like-me wow factor sophistication of the colour scheme, the rendering, the graphic design, the whole thing just feels so slick, and unlike every other distro and terminal emulator I've tried, I've never felt the need to play with the default font in Gnome Terminal on ubuntu. Just seems like someone with a Steve Jobs-like eye for visual appeal gives this thing a thorough parsing for a pleasing, organic experience that just doesn't need much tweaking, whereas so many other distros kind of seem to be stuck on boring corpo-Microsoft-like colours and crappy backgrounds picked from a last-minute google image search, not to mention terminal fonts that suck.

      IBM actually has a pretty good history of being very design-aware, even in their staid corpo way, with things like the PS/2 and even OS/2, the Z-enterprise systems, and some striking websites, not to mention IBM Plex Mono, that look like having actually had money thrown at the design. Maybe they'll influence Fedora in the right way 'cos this 36 doesn't look great from the screenshots I see.
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