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Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Changes Default For NVIDIA Driver Back To Using X.Org Rather Than Wayland

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    Originally posted by Danny3 View Post
    What a joke this LTS is!
    On Kubuntu they even removed the Wayland package completely so you cannot test it even on Intel or AMD GPUs without downloading and installing that package.
    I would agree with the 1st part - this LTS really is not up to the quality of former times.
    But while KDE is making extreme progress to use Wayland, Wayland is still not as stable as X - and stability is the most important thing before "security" is concerned
    (and higher security was only stated till now - not proven by experience).
    Additionally, a lot of features are lacking ... so I would be Ok to live the next years with X as long as Wayland is really superior.

    But we will see if KDE neon "User edition" will be powered by Wayland - or if Devs come to the conclusion that KDE neon would lack stability if Wayland is used now and stay with X.

    Concerning the LTS a lot of unstable things were pushed and a lot of regressions were introduced - the resulting problems were not even taken care for ...
    so I would not be astonished if 22.04.1 is less stable than 20.04.1 was (and it was not that good either).
    Maybe Ubuntu aims for the warm feeling of being at home for Windows user making the switch ... crashes included ...


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      More projects need to make it clear to users that nVidia is the problem, and to suggest to users that they think hard about how they spend their money next time


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        Originally posted by abracat View Post
        Good thing I went straight back to arch from the beta. This is super silly. Canonical seems to be moving towards a greedy gimmick company.
        I hate idiotic posts like this.

        What is in this whole scenario points to Canonical being greedy company? Michael you need to get rid of these IBM posts.


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          Originally posted by jokeyrhyme View Post
          More projects need to make it clear to users that nVidia is the problem, and to suggest to users that they think hard about how they spend their money next time
          Yes, let’s dump a protocol that’s been used for years for research for an unstable protocol due to ~1% of the gaming community. I can just imagine if Canonical didn’t revert back to x11 the amount of fudged up research data due to timing issues introduced by the switch to wayland.


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            Originally posted by remenic View Post
            Good, now the NVidia developers can lean back again and the issue that they gave for recommending Xorg will remain unresolved for many months more. Good call!
            Well, given next LTS will happen in two more years, there's plenty of time for it to remain unresolved. All Ubuntu derivatives will be using this LTS until then.


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              I hate idiotic posts like this.
              Well at least I'm better than to act as if I haven't hard about the pro no-pro toggle going on for years.

              The Ubunty store etc.

              It's notabout who profits the most to me. It's about trying to enforce concepts and to lure persons with no coorporate enterprise needs into using their concept.

              Ultimately paying for stuff intended to be free. trying to stear people (Joe average) away from the solid free of charge alternatives...


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                Originally posted by ferry View Post
                Yeat, it's a conundrum, what should Canonical do, support your quest to get Wayland functioning in the future? Or support their users to get a functioning desktop (as good as possible given their hardware) today?
                Hardware isn't the issue. nvidia chose to go their own way with their drivers, and now they need to fix their drivers because the rest of the world went the other way.


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                  Originally posted by mdedetrich View Post

                  Actually its having the complete opposite effect, pushing for Wayland as a default when its clearly not ready is just giving everyone a bad taste in their mouth whenever Wayland is mentioned.

                  This is like the transition from ALSA to PulseAudio but 10x worse. Maybe instead of pushing Wayland so hard the involved Linux ecosystem should put their effort into testing and fixing the issues. In the case of NVidia we just need to wait until their integration in their driver is ready, its as simple as that.
                  There's nothing to be fixed. The problem is squarely with nvidia's drivers, and only with their drivers. Not going forward with wayland in its buggy-but-workable state on their cards just allows nvidia to wallow forever. Everyone else on intel and AMD will never see a single bug, and it's time people started to associate nvidia's failings with nvidia.

                  Frankly, this is exactly what nvidia-linux users deserve, and I say that as someone using one of their cards right now. The writing has been on the wall for YEARS that if you use an nvidia card you WILL have a worse experience. Nobody remembers it because ubuntu do an amazing job packaging the nvidia drivers these days, but installing the nvidia driver manually on linux used to be horrible and unbeleivably breakage-prone.


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                    Originally posted by henrik View Post
                    Tip: If you add this file to Ubuntu 22.04:

                    $ cat /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-power-management.conf
                    options nvidia NVreg_PreserveVideoMemoryAllocations=1
                    Then suspend / resume works for Nvidia proprietary driver (without garbage on screen when resuming) and also it is possible to use Wayland. Worked for me at least. Wayland seems a bit unstable so I continued with X11.
                    Thanks, you're the best! Worked for me on Fedora 35 too. This problem has been my greatest annoyance with Wayland on Nvidia so far!! (I signed up just to tell this)


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                      Originally posted by Developer12 View Post

                      Hardware isn't the issue. nvidia chose to go their own way with their drivers, and now they need to fix their drivers because the rest of the world went the other way.
                      Actually hardware is always the issue, and its up to the OS to support it, or accept that the market that uses that hardware wont be reachable. The world did NOT go the other way... in fact almost no one in the world went the other way. Wayland went the other way and quite frankly 99% of the world doesn't care. Linux on the desktop (aka the people who would use Wayland over X) accounts for less than 3% of the desktop market.

                      Its hard to find good stats for hardware usage by OS, the best I could readily find was the Steam Hardware Survey done in March (sourced from here). Downloading and parsing the data on the GPU stats specific to Linux users I get the following breakdown:
                      Row Labels Sum of Percentage
                      AMD 26.20%
                      NVIDIA 37.63%
                      Other 36.17%
                      Grand Total 100.00%

                      As you can see the majority of Linux users who would be using a Linux desktop are actually still NVIDIA users, who clearly are putting their money where they feel its best. Nvidia actually has absolutely no need to court the Linux Wayland evangelists. The whole 100% above still only represents <3% of all sales in the market. Taken all together Nvidia has 77%+ market share in the desktop... so yah as much as Linus T. may throw the bird at Nvidia... they will just send him back to the corner for a time out and not care one bit, because honestly the onus is on the Linux community to support hardware (Nvidia included).
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