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Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Beta Released With Many Improvements

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    Originally posted by kobblestown View Post

    This has always worked for me. I usually install Server and only then a desktop environment.
    doesn't ubuntu server come with some (unnecessary for desktop) packages installed by default? i know one can remove them via apt, but it does seem like a PITa (or maybe i'm just lazy). what's the easiest way to install the **complete kubuntu** and which packages didn't make to the 'stripped' version of it (like you can chose during the installation)?


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      Originally posted by CochainComplex View Post
      I know but its about Ubuntu - Mantid the user I'was responding to is not mentioning that he is on Fedora.
      Ubuntu 21.04 is also using Wayland by default. Maybe it's the new tripple buffering feature what makes Gnome more responsive.


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        Originally posted by ZarathustraDK View Post
        Do ordinary people still use Ubuntu? It's been awhile since I last used it. Got the impression that they kind of departed from "Linux for human beings" and went all server/IoT/cloud to pay the bills. Got the impression most folks nowadays go something like PopOS, Fedora or Arch(-derivative), then again I'm gaming-focused so that may have something to do with it.
        It's easy to get that impression since the non-Ubuntu users are a very loud crowd here. The truth however is that Ubuntu is by far the most used distribution among users including gamers (the latest Steam Survey have Ubuntu at the first place at 0.22% of all Steam users, the second one is Arch with 0.13%).


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          Originally posted by tildearrow View Post

          Latency - not ready for professional audio applications
          Which was never the goal of Pulse in the first place. Which of course doesn't make it "false" as such but the "not ready" part is kinda disingenuous when it was never the goal.


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            Contributing to
            sudo apt-get install hw-probe --no-install-recommends
            sudo -E hw-probe -all -upload


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              Originally posted by Schmellow View Post

              It's a moderately well known issue/notabug/feature of gtk4 font rendering (

              There is a workaround ( and Fedora may include it F36 (
              Thanks, but that tweak only addresses ~5% of GTK4's blurry text rendering problem. I did a side-by-side comparison GTK3 vs GTK4 this week, and most of the blurriness was due to GTK4's failure to use subpixel rendering.


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                Originally posted by openminded View Post

                Is it me or there's something terribly wrong with fonts in GTK4 apps? They look awful on FHD displays. No matter if app is flatpak or not, some parts are just blurry as hell.
                No, it's not just you. Unlike GTK3, GTK4 doesn't use subpixel rendering to display text. As a result, text is unnecessarily blurred along the horizontal axis on standard displays and monitors -- probably well over 90% of laptop and desktop displays currently in use. At 96ppi and 115ppi, the blurring is obtrusive. At 165ppi, the blurring is subtle but still a source of eyestrain. I haven't tested on anything higher than 165ppi because that's the highest resolution display I have. A back-of-the-envelope calculation (20/20 vision at 50cm viewing distance) suggests the difference in text rendering between GTK3 and GTK4 should stop mattering on displays that are >350ppi. By contrast, text on GTK3 is tack-sharp on my 96ppi external monitor, except for a faint trace of colour fringing on a few glyphs (letters) in very small, compact fonts where vertical elements are thinner than one pixel wide (GTK4 renders the same glyphs as a mushy grey smear).


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                  Originally posted by Amano View Post
                  esa-va-drivers/jammy,now 22.0.0-0ubuntu2 amd64
                  My tired brain works in funny ways.

                  "esa" and "v" and "drivers" in the same line? → VESA drivers! → SciTech Display Doctor!

                  (Also EISA)


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                    Originally posted by Drago View Post

                    You don't need to settle with U16, there is Ubuntu Unity distro, that slaps Unity 7 over official Ubuntu. I am using it right now.
                    I am using Ubuntu Unity 20.04 since more than a year as my primary system as well. Fun fact: it's created by a 12 y.o. kid


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                      Originally posted by wooque View Post

                      I use bluetooth audio for years and never had problem on Pulseaudio, as well with power consumption. Pipewire is better technically wise, but I didn't notice anything when I switched except it's started to automatically switch to Bluetooth audio when connected (at least on GNOME)
                      Pulseaudio does not work with higher quality codecs like sbc-xq. It also has trouble switching modes when the device is a headset and you need full duplex - you end up with very low quality audio on the playback and on recording. This is a massive issue for me as I work remotely and constantly perusing my bluetooth headset. I switched to pipewire just last week to see just how it works in my system and it works beautifully - 6 months ago that wasn't the case. My bose nc700 finally work properly and automatically switches audio modes when pipewire detects a call being made (works with firefox & google meet for starters).