Hi all,
after I've added support for Clear Linux containers to distrobox, I thought that it would be a nice experiment to show the performance benefits of Clear Linux even on non-Clear distributions.

In this article on Phoronix it's discussed the use of distroboxes to augment a Clear Linux host's software availablility. Now I wanted to check the benefits of running a Clear Linux distrobox on a normal host distribution.

So here is a series of benchmarks performed with the Phoronix Test Suite.

Bear in mind I have an old laptop with no dGPU so I didn't do anything graphical and due to my poor connection I wasn't able to download the bigger tests

I've tested on a Fedora 35 host (all latest updates installed as of 20/01/2022), included also a container of Fedora 35 to show a comparison of eventual Podman overheads (little to none )

Full benchmark here: https://openbenchmarking.org/result/...NE-CLEARLINU53

Also posted on Clear Linux forums here

Clear Linux finishes first 90% of the times, the F35 container also is in the range of measurement error with the host, showing that running in Podman is not influential for these benchmarks.

Screenshot from 2022-01-21 11-58-56.png

In almost all tests Clear Linux shows a mild to significant performance gain (5% up to 15%, except libavif test with 50%+), even without the kernel optimizations/patches that you'd have running a Clear Linux host.

Here the final results