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Devuan 4.0 Released As Debian 11 Without Systemd

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    Originally posted by rabcor View Post
    If there's one thing I hate that's installed on most distros, it's not systemd. It's pulseaudio.

    Systemd mostly exists in the background and can't hurt me. Sure I may need to do some minor reconfiguration here and there sometimes but that's fine.

    Pulseaudio however seems to exist solely to make my audio experience worse.
    There have been very few times I can say a drop-in truly was a drop-in replacement and actually made things better. Pipewire was one of these. Dump pulse, it's absolutely worth it for most use cases. Pipewire has been better in almost every regard, and everything that wanted pulse kept working fine. Things that wanted alsa were fine. I got rid of Jack and all of my Jack stuff still works with pipewire directly. Highly recommended. Pulse was always just "okay", pipewire is what pulse should've been imo.


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      Originally posted by BillT View Post

      Then run fedora 35. Pipewire and wireplumber work well.
      I'm running manjaro, pipewire works fine there too, and I happen to be using it. It's not without issues either, but it's at least better than pulse ever was even in it's current state.