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Ubuntu 21.10 Released With GNOME 40 Desktop, Many Underlying Improvements

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    Ubuntu could solve many issues by changing the month of their releases. Make it May and November instead of April and October. That way they would have more time to include the latest GNOME


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      Originally posted by Vistaus View Post

      I quoted someone who was talking about not wanting to upgrade because of UI changes. Software made for older distros is an entirely different argument.
      Falls in the same ballpark, the context here is not that it was software made for an older distro. It's that in the Enterprise world, the IT departments that this company serve have demanded that they release their software for a distro that have been dead for 9 years still in this day and age.

      And they have the very same requirements for UI changes, that is why you still have many offices still using obsolete versions of Windows. This why a rolling distro will never be widely used in Enterprises and why LTS:es exist.


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        Wow, Ubuntu 21.10 / GNOME 40 is seriously incredible. I'm very impressed. Big bump up from 20.04 LTS (though, I did a fresh install). Thank you to all the developers that made this happen.

        I did some initial benchmarking with pts/ctx-clock on a fresh install changing only the governor and disabling mitigations. Absolutely absurd how much the mitigations cripple my Haswell. Almost criminal, actually.


        Guess who's also runing Wayland, baby!! (well, X Server + Wayland, but hey that counts, right? This was all set up by default. Been running smooth.)


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          UI breakage is like API breakage, except even worse because fixes for muscle memory can't be distributed through apt. If Gnome wants everyone using the latest versions of their stuff, they need to make updates fearless. They need to listen to Greg K-H:


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            cgroups v2 by default is nice - rootless podman / rootless k3s both working on 21.10 server


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              Originally posted by FPScholten View Post

              Pipewire was already active in 20.04, next to Pulseaudio and still is so in 20.10. You can completely swich to pipewire if desired, did it with 20.04 and works like a charm. No issues so far. Uninstalled Pulseaudio after enabling pipewire completely.
              Any pointers of how to do that, did you follow some tutorial ?


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                This worked for me:
                It has the latest pipewire. It is also possible with the standard ubuntu repositories with slightly outdated pipewire.