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Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Release Schedule Published

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    Distrowatch: "Put the fun back into computing: Use LInux, BSD."

    Canonical: "Put the boredom back into the fun: Use Ubuntu."

    Don't get me wrong, it's just I don't like it.


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      Will this version require your vaccination QR code to use it?


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        bple2137 , I don't think they get any more conservative with LTS releases. The rolling release certainly lets them get more time under their belt for new technologies, but it seems like things are integrated and updated at a fairly even pace regardless of whether the next release is short-term or LTS.


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          Originally posted by bple2137 View Post
          Some of them might not be into finding out what's the problem and how to fix it, but rather immediately login back to X11 session.
          Which is hardly unreasonable. It's not THEIR job to fix the Wayland fiasco, it's the Wayland team's.

          It's nice to see that Wayland is apparently close enough to usable that Canonical is willing to risk it for an LTS release, but it still sucks hard on so many important missing features that TBH I don't see how they can stick with that decision for any reason other than being tired of all the whining. Either that, or XWayland is going to be doing an awful lot of heavy lifting.