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Debian 11 Is Releasing This Weekend With Many Improvements

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    Originally posted by atomsymbol

    I don't understand why Debian 10 was released with the following desktop environments:
    Desktop env Debian 10 Available @ 2019-07-06
    Cinnamon 3.8 4.0
    GNOME 3.30 3.32
    KDE Plasma 5.14 5.16
    LXDE 0.99.2 ?
    LXQt 0.14 0.14 (up to date)
    MATE 1.20 1.22
    Xfce 4.12 4.14
    What is an explanation for this?
    They follow an entirely different model. The latest version isn't necessarily the most stable or ready for inclusion when it comes time to release a new version of Debian. Debian is extremely stable and predictable. This isn't a distro that's designed to be cutting edge in terms of what's new, they're cutting edge in making sure that their distro is rock solid with what is tried and proven. I thought that this is something everyone who has even the slightest knowledge of Linux knew, forgive me though as I stand corrected.


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      Originally posted by atomsymbol
      What is an explanation for this?
      KDE4 and Gnome3 jammed into most distributions' LTS releases in a barely-working state for a large chunk of the late 2000s is a pretty good explanation for many users' preference of the debian model. If you use desktop linux long enough, you will encounter a situation where devs/maintainers are overconfident about the state of a bleeding-edge DE, resulting in an annoying experience for the user. It will happen again. Mitigation of this occurs on a spectrum with debian and arch on opposite and equally valid ends.


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        Originally posted by atomsymbol
        The reason why I used a question mark ...
        That is not important. What is important is that you need to comprehend the effort behind it. How about you ignore the version numbers and start by getting these 7 packages working together? And when you have done this try doing it with 50,000 packages. Maybe then you will get an understanding of the effort. Until then will you not be able to see how truly monumental the work is that Debian is doing. You are still stuck at comparing version numbers and think it would just work when you only have all the latest versions. It is not how it works. Developers have to start from a stable base on which they can found their work on. They do not know what everybody else does at any given moment. It is because of the foundation Debian provides that it only seems like having the latest versions would be enough. Or try to compile all packages with the ISO C/C++17 standards. See how quickly everything falls apart when you do not use the older standards, but jump straight to the latest ones.


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          Originally posted by deep View Post

          Or maybe being a free thinker is difficult for you?

          Some things to consider:

          What are the qualifications/credentials of those on Debian Med? Or are they just sweaty online randos?

          What/Who is the target audience that Debian thinks this is the solution for?

          Do those in the science/academic field not know the tools they want/need/should be using?
          "Lol. This app has a sciency name, let's use this from Debian Med for genetic analysis. "

          Who approved this and how much funding was redirected for this? Or does the Debian money printer go brrrrrrrrrr.
          HA HA HA HA HA HA. Stop watching the wrong side of youtube. In case you haven't noticed, there are TONS of software in the Debian repositories written for gene sequencing and such. Could it be because of the Debian Med needs such software? Could it be these are the pieces of open source software that are used in such studies? I think it's actually really freaking cool that 1) Scientists LOVE Open Source software. 2) That Debian is the base for such software to run.

          They also have software for mapping and archeology usage too. Just because you're a 'free thinker' suddenly this is a bad thing for Debian to be used by Scientists? Oh wait, Scientists are those villainous people who guard the edge of the flat earth, right???