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elementary OS 6.0 Released For A Meticulously Crafted Linux Desktop

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    Originally posted by Cape View Post

    Breeze sucks monkey doodles. And you need to tweak the shit outa every little thing before it looks good.
    Any kvantum theme is better looking than Breeze.

    And it's not just a matter of look: breeze is also terrible to use on cheaper monitors where contrast isn't optimal.
    I remember i installed Kubuntu on my mother's PC and she had bunch of troubles viewing mail (on kmail) and such. Changed theme to a good kvantum made huge difference.
    Guess what, I actually had to "tweak the shit outa every little thing before it looks good" with Kvantum. Most of the themes look dated with ancient bezel style that I don't like, and the colors aren't vivid by default.
    Even though I will be honest. I don't like Breeze too much either...
    The spacing and amount of air is just crazy when compared to Oxygen (which got a weight gain as well in Plasma 5 but not too much).


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      Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
      This is exactly why Gnome 3 is fairly unusable and ugly.

      Gnome 2 however had an actual usability study carried out (by Sun Microsystems for the Solaris 10 JDS fork). Gnome 3 never had this. It is just programmers hacking away at what they think is a novelty to use.
      Huh?! I could have sworn Gnome 3 was nothing *but* UX monkeys desperately trying to do something "disruptive" so that they can win Internet points.

      CSD is the best example of this. No sane developer would ever go "hmm... what if we made title bars 3x higher so we could replace the words in the menus with random icons that are grey on grey and you have to guess what they mean? Also, let's make it so that every window looks different, can't be moved, and randomly has the window buttons in different places. That sounds intuitive and consistent".

      I agree that Gnome's problem is exactly as you say: it's amateurs designing a UX not just in the *absence* of informed research but in *direct opposition* to the decades of research that's already been done by people far better at it than them. I just don't think it's the programmers doing it.
      I could be easily be wrong though: Gnome's internal specifics are about the only thing less interesting to me than their DE. :P


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        Originally posted by Cape View Post
        I still don't understand how a small team of developers can make a beautiful, modern and functional desktop, while a big team of well sponsored devs keeps making gnome, which is a the least attractive and retarded "desktop" ever.
        "In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king".

        Regardless of how large the team is, you only need a single competent designer on it. GNOME has a much larger team, but one less person in that role.


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          Originally posted by ermo View Post
          Are you sure about that?
          "Our research is the best research ever, in the world. It's good... it's gonna be really good, really... We can't, you know, show you it, because... well, it's got these things in it, and we have to keep it all secret because of that... but it's real, I promise... it's got the best genetics, it's gonna be yuge. Trust me, you're gonna love it..."


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            in the past, ElementaryOS was disappointing, the default apps didn't work well. But this new version works much better - I guess hiring some devs paid off.. I may leave this on my desktop. I wonder why they went with flatpak, though, the app store is pretty empty. But I don't use it anyway, I use apt for better control.