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Debian 11.0 "Bullseye" Gets An August Release Date

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    Originally posted by waxhead View Post
    ... and contrary to popular belief not outdated at all
    And I sit here and can't start my minecraft server because debian stable doesn't ship any modern java version. I also get a lot of warnings in another software because PHP is for a long time not supported. Debian is always nice in the first year, maybe even the first and a half, but debian just sucks going on from that point. If you have some outside dependencies you will have to push in 3rdparty repos(or manually update things) for every little thing that might or might not conflict with debians internal stuff. It's honestly no fun.


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      Best Linux distribution coming through. Finally I will be able to ride this boat with my new hardware (missed buster).


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        Originally posted by lumks View Post
        ... because debian stable ...
        You have been using the wrong Debian. Do not use Debian stable, but use Debian testing instead. Ubuntu and many other Debian-derived distros often use Debian testing. Only use Debian stable when your primary concern is to have the most stable experience, i.e. on an embedded system, and do not require the latest software versions. Debian stable is one of the most conservative distros you can find. It deliberately avoids the latest software versions and fixes security bugs. You will only see backports to Debian stable when it means it increases its stability, but not when it could endanger it. This is why you do not find the latest software version on it. You find these with Debian testing.

        If you want it any hotter then there is also Debian unstable. You can set up your repositories to include stable, testing and unstable, and have APT default to using testing. It will allow you to use a wider range of software versions.

        It is ok to avoid Debian by the way. It is a great distro and Debian testing is often good enough, but one can get an edge from using other distros. I prefer Debian because I have been using it since Sarge (and earlier did I use Slackware). Knowing Debian makes it easy for me to work with any Debian-based distro. I then do not to miss anything whenever I come across Ubuntu, Armbian, Raspberry Pi OS, or any other Debian-based distro. I always feel right at home.


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          Originally posted by lumks View Post
          And I sit here and can't start my minecraft server because debian stable doesn't ship any modern java version.
          Debian stable provides the latest LTS version of Java, Debian 10 has OpenJDK 11 which is fine for the Minecraft server up to the version 1.16, and Debian 11 will have OpenJDK 11 and 17 which will run the Minecraft server 1.17 released last month.


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            Is java really not in stable backports? Seems like it would be a prime candidate for backports.
            Edit: I guess not. Surprising. Stretch got java backports.
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              Originally posted by elmas View Post
              Latest Debian 11 testing iso.

              My spec. is CPU= AMD ryzen 2700x , GPU= AMD Vega 56 ...

              I didnt run any apps but my Amd vega 56, red lights constantly on. GPU themp is 74-80 degree. GPU doesnt speed up to cool down GPU!
              Be careful you may lose your GPU.
              This is amdgpu regression caused by AMD devs. It affects all recent Linux kernels, including 5.13 and 5.10. It's been fixed upstream already and it will land in Debian very soon. Previous Debian 5.10 kernel from few weeks ago is not affected. You have been unlucky to install affected kernel. I have recompiled current Bullseye kernel with one line of code changed which fixes this and it works perfectly fine now.
              Arch Linux which uses 5.13 also been affected by this.
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                Originally posted by Linuxxx View Post

                Actually, the main reason why I am always using Ubuntu's "lowlatency" kernel flavor is because Google is doing the same across their ecosystem (Android + ChromeOS + Stadia). [Of course I'm talking about a similar kernel config here, so 1000 Hz timer tick + full PREEMPT!] I assume they have their sane reasons for doing so.

                The point is that a fully preemptible kernel will always prioritize user-space software, which is what really matters for any (you guessed it) user!

                Once you've switched over and then look back, you'll realize (and probably also 'feel') the difference!

                What's really sad though is that even among Linux users there are so few of us that seem to care about this... (Just take a look @

                Anyway, here is at least a quote from another satisfied "lowlatency" renegade that I could find:

                Maybe one day all other Linux believers will see the light, too!
                Kernel latency is handled by a configuration parameter, but the idea that if goggle does that is right, it doesn't make any sense.
                I also used the low latency kernel and never noticed any differences, unless you make music then in that case it makes sense. I don't know why Google does this and it will have its reasons for doing so, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's better for general use.
                But I bet that if I secretly install the vanilla kernel you don't realize it, you will understand it just by looking at the version.


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                  Originally posted by J.King View Post
                  "new" hardware from four years ago not working is a fairly big black mark against Debian in my book.
                  A Linux user who doesn't know how to build a newer kernel. What, are we in a race to dumb down Linux?


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                    Originally posted by Linuxxx View Post

                    Debian is cool & all, but only as a server OS!

                    Tell me, why does [in your opinion the inferior distro] Ubuntu offer me the option of a "lowlatency" kernel, while Debian gives me only one officially supported Linux kernel choice?
                    (250 Hz + only voluntary preemption, i.e. "highlatency")
                    You can't even be arsed to toggle a few options and recompile a new kernel?


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                      Originally posted by lumks View Post

                      And I sit here and can't start my minecraft server because debian stable doesn't ship any modern java version.
                      You can't even be arsed to download the latest version of Oracle JRE and set the JAVA_HOME parameters.