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Gentoo Spins Up More Stage Downloads For Musl libc, Systemd Init

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    Originally posted by jrch2k8 View Post

    I know you are trolling but as a matter of fact many ArchLinux users are ex Gentoo users.

    Gentoo is awesome BUT it can get difficult to manage on a everyday environment since compilations can take a long time and depending how aggressive you are with your optimizations you can tank your CPU performance for doing actual work in the meantime.

    On the other hand ArchLinux provide the best of both worlds pacman for fast updates and makepkg/AUR/ABS for when you wanna get your hands dirty, so is a natural progression for many Gentoo users.

    Also many ArchLinux users still use Gentoo, just not as a main driver since Gentoo is awesome to test new ideas and software combinations from the ground up.

    ArchLinux and Gentoo user here btw
    The other way around actually: I would never go back to Arch.


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      The first distro that I tried was Gentoo 1.4 . I was at the end of primary school. I had to compile my nvidia kernel modules manually and fix dependency issues. It wasn't easy but I learned a lot in a short period of time. My biggest challenge was my unstable & expensive internet connection (dial-up). I had no help besides an intermittent IRC connection. These days I rely much more on Arch wiki pages. I have much respect to both Gentoo and Arch communities.