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Debian Installer 11 "Bullseye" RC1 Released

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  • Debian Installer 11 "Bullseye" RC1 Released

    Phoronix: Debian Installer 11 "Bullseye" RC1 Released

    The installer for the forthcoming Debian 11.0 "Bullseye release is now up to its release candidate phase for testing...

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    I have switched to Debian 11 (i.e., Debian testing) since the beginning of the year, after having experienced several major problems with Ubuntu. My main system is an AMD Ryzen 7 desktop with Radeon R580. All our laptops are also AMD Ryzens. Everything works great. This is a great distro--after being a Ubuntu user since the 6.04 days. No looking back. Hardware support is also better with Debian 11 (non-free).

    Regarding the amdgpu firmware issue, I don't know what the problems are but according to the Release Errata, it is stated that the amdgpu problems will be fixed before the official Bullseye is released:

    "(Amdgpu] Status: Being investigated, to be fixed before the first official Bullseye release."
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      Yay! Can't wait. I have prepared refurbished laptop, 2x faster than my old one, waiting for Debian 11. Once it's out, I will install it and I will be set for years.


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        Been using Debian 11 for a while, in the past I had to use a prior version of the installer due to some conflicts with Nvidia drivers though that seems to be much improved now that the RTX architecture has better support. I still use one or two versions older installers out of habit.