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Jonathan Carter Re-Elected As Debian Project Leader

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  • Jonathan Carter Re-Elected As Debian Project Leader

    Phoronix: Jonathan Carter Re-Elected As Debian Project Leader

    Jonathan Carter who was initially elected as Debian Project Leader last year to succeed Sam Hartman has now been re-elected for another year serving in this role...

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    Originally posted by 144Hz
    Why? Care to elaborate? Does it make any difference to you? Just curious.


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      The other candidate was an Indian woman whose entire platform was "muh diversity" and "muh patriarchy". I'm not even exaggerating; her platform page barely even mentions software or leadership or any of the things you'd typically expect of someone running for leader of a software distribution.

      I don't know anything about Carter, but his platform page is notably lacking any garbage about "diversity" or "outreach", which is quite refreshing given the extremely tiresome wokeness of the other candidate (and also the previous leader).
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        While I have no problem with increasing diversity, it should not be the primary or exclusive focus of Debian's project leader.


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          Ugh, why does this happen.
          Terrible project leader that ruined the fun of Debian.


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            Good. Enough of that "diversity" nonsense.
            Think of something more practical.


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              tildearrow is censoring at lightning speed these days. Imagine being an unpaid forum janitor. He does it for free...


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                I wonder when Debian developers lost their minds and started to care about 'diversity' bullshit? I also wonder if m$ and apple are diverse enough?


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                  She acknowledged that while Debian has invested "a good amount of money" in diversity programs like Outreachy it hasn't yielded the expected outcome and hoped to better evaluate and address it as the DPL.
                  You can't throw money towards bigotry and expect things to get better. That takes long term education and a civil society that believes in the rights of others. IMHO, if they wanna throw money at the problem, they'd be better off spending that money on lobbyists pushing civil rights laws the world over. We're not going to fix racism and bigotry when laws are skewed in their favor.

                  I wonder how much them backing organizations like Outreachy is causing them less growth than expected? No matter how noble their goals and ideals are, the endgame and mission of Outreachy is "you're a certain color, gender, or sexual orientation so you're included or excluded"; that's Jim Crow 101. It's no surprise that people have issues with that.

                  I think her goal of getting more diversity into tech and Debian is a great thing. I believe that non-diversity leads to echo chambers -- and even among white people (or any race) you can be not diverse enough; like let's only hire Catholics or Protestants or guys from northern Ireland. It's not just a racial thing; just saying that even among the same race you can produce the echo chamber from many things like religions, regions, gender, countries, sports, and more. Heck, if there are choices to be made, people will draw lines and form groups.

                  All you gotta do is look at GNOME to see the results of non-diverse echo chambers. With that DE we have to conform to their idea of a workflow. Are there options? Are there very many choices? In my opinion: No. In theirs': Yes. A simple "Hey Committee, maybe people with horizontal monitors would like vertical virtual desktops; we should offer a toggle switch"; instead we got the non-diverse echo chamber producing one solution where you either conform or conform. That's GNOME, baby. Perhaps if they had a more diverse committee they'd be more open to alternate ideas.


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                    Why is it concerning that there's only one female developer from India? Perhaps Indian women have other interests?
                    Something I cannot wrap my head around is, how is 'a large amount of money' expended to increase diversity (let say more female indian developers). To me diversity in THIS regard, happens out of interest. You cannot buy that.