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Linspire 10 Released - Claims Of "Most Meticulously Designed & Engineered FOSS Desktop"

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    The MacOs of the Linux's?
    Oh wait, that's Elemeretardy OS


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      Well, I'm glad there's an active desktop distro that are selling themselves. Because I often get a feeling that people don't consider a thing good unless they paid for it. I hope Linspire will spend money on more development and on upstreaming their work.

      Aside of that, I think they should use a later kernel, because that would enable more hardware as well as other features. Linux 5.10 is at .15th minor release, should be stable enough.
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        Originally posted by loganj View Post
        really now....and they claim that with that ugly gnome DE?
        Sorry but that's a question of personal taste. After trying several DEs, I settled for Gnome because this was the one I found the most usable and easy to tweak to make it whatever I wanted. On the other hand I hated KDE, I felt completely lost on it, I didn't like its default design and found it very difficult to enable and manage all the widgets... But then I never felt my personal tastes and experiences entitled me to claim that any DE was crap...
        We should all be grateful to have such a great choice of DEs and workflows to suit anyone's needs in Linux, and all that for free, so the least we could do is respect the hard work that so many developers put in them! If there is one project you believe to be very superior to the others then you can just donate to that project, no need to be rude and offensive towards the other ones.


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          Seriously?! Promoting again this scam on! It is extremely bad joke.

          I know that this portal is rather for "advanced" Linux users, but sometimes could visit some less Linux oriented people and they could think: "Hey! Commercial, easy to use Linux for normal user! Maybe I should buy it and replace Win10 with it? Their website looks like cheap scam, but it cannot be bad, if one of the best Linux portals/blogs is writing about it, right!?!"

          Or maybe it is not joke!? I do not see any "smile" or something in text... Also it is not the first time that I see Linspire neutral text on I hope that it is not some kind of affiliate program...

          I'm very disappointed.


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            I like that they retained the trademarked Ubuntu Orange and Canonical Aubergine colour scheme in their wallpaper. Considering the original Linspire was quite literally a boiler room sales scheme they also copied that. Caveat emptor.


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              I don't like to judge too early ...but advertising "built in Antivirus" and "built in email client" on a Ubuntu based distro sound like they wanna catch stupid windows users who dont know that clam-av doesnt make much sense on Linux distro. and email client is installed on vanilla ubuntu as well....or installable with sudo apt-get install....etc. like all the other listed items.


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                Wait, you are telling me I can sell stuff that I took for free if I don't tell people I took it for free ?

                Sarcasm aside what exactly is the point of this ?


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                  I think it's great they're selling a Linux Distro. Clearly I / we are not the target market. I would hope that anyone selling Free Software would take the money and use it to reinvest in development where either the money or the code comes downstream to enrich us all.

                  I honestly am a fan of ridiculous pricing for corporate licenses because I believe in many cases Linux is the superior choice. Let them pay for the fruit of our hard work, I'm not a player hater -- if they are duped and the money enriches us somehow -- so what! They are buying support & service & as long as we aren't duped into maintaining any companys monolithic garbage I'm okay with them being in the ecosystem.


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                    I personally do not have any problem with anyone trying to make some money, what i have a problem with that Linux sucks and there doesn't seem anyone capable of changing that.

                    Note, I am typing this from a HP Ice Lake 17" laptop that I opened up and upgraded myself and then I installed various Linux distros on it; currently I am using Manjaro Mate.

                    The reality is that Win 10, especially the newest build, is a way better OS than any Linux distro and it's very easy to prove.

                    All one has to do is try to copy the contents of a 1gig NVMe to a 1gig SSD, or vice versa, if said drives have lots of big files and watch how slow it goes and the GUI freeze. Try the same thing with Win 10 and watch how smoothly things go.

                    The sad thing is that there are some thing I like about Linux, but there are some that just boggle the mind. Ubuntu, especially Ubuntu Mate, seems to suffer from Ubuntu rot, where the system starts off great and then within a month it slows down, at least in desktop responsiveness and random freezing.

                    Linux Mint is very nice, and maybe the closest I have seen a distro come to being a professionally done distro. but the general lack of pro caliber software really holds Linux back.

                    No open source office suite can hold a candle to Windows Office, I use Excel for both chemical and business analysis and i have tried Open/Libre office and they don't come close.

                    Same thing for editing audio or video, I like Shotcut and Avidemux, but they don't compare to professional apps, getting Resolve to work, either natively or under WINE on Linux is a ball breaking experience that I have only successfully accomplished once.

                    As soon as I get the time I am installing Win 10 on this lap top just like I did with my i7 Comet Lake laptop and never look back.


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                      Just curious, how does selling the distro jazz with all the GPL software included? I understand it's okay to sell GPL software but shouldn't they let people download the source code to their whole distro for free? Or does it mean that they add no code of their own and they're selling a bundle of other people's GPL software + their own graphics and logos?