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EndeavourOS Issues First 2021 Release For Easy-To-Use Arch-Based Linux Distro

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    My €0.02 is that the Endeavour OS installer approach is very useful for bringing up an Arch-based VM quickly.

    I did that for the express purpose of being able to quickly and painlessly test raster's official Arch Enlightenment git binaries for instance.

    Personally, I wouldn't want to run Arch as my stable OS -- too much churn and thus manual intervention for my tastes; but tastes differ and that's OK. =)


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      Originally posted by Shiba View Post
      In my opinion if you find it a pain to install Arch, you shouldn't use Arch. Installer or not, It's not a Next -> Next -> Install distro and you'll pay the consequences of not knowing what is going on under the hood when you'll skip some required manual intervention during an upgrade.
      Have you seen the Arch installation guide? It's more or less a series of shell commands. Can you really say with a straight face that it would be impossible to make a stable GUI installer with the info from that page?

      I used Antergos to install Arch Linux. I had the install going for over a year. I never even bothered with the Antergos website after I downloaded the iso. I never had to ask for help as every issue I had (which was pretty rare) was already being discussed on the Arch forum as Antergos used Arch's repositories/packages. I used the Arch wiki when I wanted to install Plymouth or really anything. Every two weeks or so, I looked at the official Arch homepage to see if manual intervention was needed during the update process. The fact that I used the Antergos installer never mattered.

      I eventually nuked the [perfectly working] install for Tumbleweed (which I see myself using for the rest of my life).


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        Originally posted by kpedersen View Post

        Generally it can be scripted. All those commands you made note of whilst researching how to install it in the first place can pretty much be dumped into a script.

        This is also coming from someone who does also agree that Arch should probably have an installer. Not for ease of use, but for consistency. Surely it will help the Arch developers if their users have similar setups and can report more reproducible bugs?

        Not a stupid installer mind, but a simple one like OpenBSD where you can pretty much just hammer the return key until it is complete. Basically a script, less than 1mb.
        I totally agree. After Antergos passed away and EndeavourOS installer couldn't do what I want (I opened a bug report and got the answer that I can fix it by myself), I wrote my own script. It was a nice learning curve, but to have a generic Arch script to install a standard system with reasonable/basic defaults would be nice.


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          Originally posted by Aryma View Post
          to be honest I went arch iso with manjaro architect Installation

          is that too much to ask for
          The word "Manjaro" makes me say yes, because anything Manjaro does should never be used as a "how-to" guide, especially for making an installer.


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            This is nice, I accidentally deleted my home directory again the other day so i think ill try this.


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              Endeavour is quite polished and organized for a first timer to get closest to pure Arch experience and for those needed a pure Arch installer there are scripts around that make the job quite easy for quick repetitive installs and one good one with a good interface that does the job well and starts with the most important sync of mirrors via Reflector is Anarchy, pure Arch with easy stress free install that doesn't fail.


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                I'm still on Antergos (mainly because it's working great and I cba to resinstall), and I'm really happy with the "simplified arch installation" distros. I tried standard Arch, but I don't really see the reason to do something manually that can be simply automated.

                I will probably go with Manjaro though, as I will be moving to using Linux for my main work computer, and honestly the arch stability isn't great. I mean, I have an issue maybe once every 6 months, but it happens. I think Manjaro is a good in-between with pretty much Arch experience but more stable packages. But really happy to see there's alternatives, Endeavour would be my next pick.


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                  In addition to Endeavor you might check out RebornOS, which started out as basically a fork of Antergos -- by the guy who handled Deepin DE stuff for Antergos back in the day. Has some useful tools.

                  But yeah, Manjaro is a good way to go for a primary production machine.


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                    Originally posted by aspen View Post

                    The word "Manjaro" makes me say yes, because anything Manjaro does should never be used as a "how-to" guide, especially for making an installer.
                    what is wrong with Manjaro installer ?


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                      Originally posted by CTown View Post
                      I eventually nuked the [perfectly working] install for Tumbleweed (which I see myself using for the rest of my life).
                      Why? (just curious)