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Ubuntu 21.04 To Stick With GNOME 3.38 Desktop

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    Originally posted by Anvil View Post
    Users will just go elsewhere if there loved Extensions dont work. an afaik Fedora has been losing Users like Firefox once had. , it'll get a bad press release if Fedora release a broken down Gnome release.
    They never cared about this, why do you think they will start care about this now?

    Also it's not like there is any force to upgrade Fedora right after new release. There are two maintained version - current (now 33) and previous (now 32). If your extensions are broken with new GNOME version then you can simply wait for them to pickup support for new version and then upgrade. It's not only Fedora problem, it's problem of all distributions that uses vanilla GNOME. Ubuntu is different story because they don't use vanilla.