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The new Debian etch release schedule

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  • The new Debian etch release schedule

    Originally posted by Luk Claes

    You might not remember who the release team is, but we still want to
    inform you about the final leg of the etch release cycle. Our original
    schedule did not work out due to problems with the kernel and the
    slower than expected reduction of release critical bugs.

    kernel status

    Thanks to the dedication of the kernel team, these kernel problems have
    been resolved and we now have a releasable 2.6.18 Linux kernel in etch.
    Work continues on fixing remaining usability issues in the kernel, but
    the kernel is no longer a blocker for the etch release.

    debian-installer release

    As a result, the d-i team has been able to plan ahead and do a schedule
    for the release of debian-installer rc2[1], which we expect will be used
    as the installer for etch. debian-installer is currently planned to
    release around the 20th of March.


    After a few months of delay, then, this gives us enough information to
    regroup and offer a new projected release timeline. The good news is
    that we have not been sitting idle for the past months; many more RC
    bugs have been fixed... and found... and fixed since the last release
    update, and there have been good upgrade and install reports, which
    allows for some compression of the remaining tasks.

    N-20 = 13 Mar 2007:

    40 RC bugs. Freeze continues; changes to etch for
    non-release-critical issues are no longer accepted, to further
    limit the risk of incidental regressions and to better focus on
    the remaining release blockers.

    N-14 = 19 Mar 2007:

    20 RC bugs. D-I RC2 releases. Users are encouraged to use the
    debian-installer for new installs and to begin upgrading systems
    from sarge to the security-supported etch, and report any
    problems found.

    N-7 = 26 Mar 2007:

    ~0 RC bugs. Final adjustments to packages in response to
    install and upgrade feedback. Finalization of the release

    N = 2 Apr 2007:
    0 RC bugs. Barring any problems that would cause us to need to
    re-roll the installer <knock on wood>, we should be ready to

    release notes

    Now is the time for package maintainers to ask for inclusion of
    information in the release notes about important differences between the
    sarge and etch versions of their packages. Since the set of non-RC bugs
    that we will ship with should also now be fixed, this is also the time
    to document any of those that you feel are important to mention.

    Please also try to report all problems you notice when migrating sarge
    to etch boxes to the release-notes pseudo-package.

    shooting rc bugs in a barrel

    For the past few months, the release team has been fairly lenient about
    letting RC bugs go unfixed in testing because we knew there was no
    hurry. Well, now we're hurrying again. If you have a package in
    testing with RC bugs, please fix it or ask for help fixing it. At this
    point, packages with RC bugs open in testing for more than 10 days
    (all, uh, 10 of them?) are subject to removal by the release team, so
    please take care of your packages to ensure their inclusion in etch.

    At the same time, non-maintainers should consider paying attention to
    any packages they use that have RC bugs[2]. The 0-day NMU policy for
    RC bugs continues, now with an even further reduced wait time for new
    bugs of 3 days. This doesn't mean you should rush to beat the
    maintainer to his own bugs. If you have the maintainer's permission you
    can always upload even sooner, but even though we want to see every
    package bug-free and included in the release, it's still important that,
    in our enthusiasm, we don't become careless with packages that someone
    else will have to clean up later.

    Of course, directly prior to release, members of the release team might
    approve on a case-by-case-basis even shorter waiting times - just for the
    simple reason that we need fix the issues prior to release. (We hope
    that is not necessary, but remembering the Sarge release, we even
    found a problem while spinning the CDs.)

    - --
    Debian Release Team
    About time!
    Michael Larabel