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  • Gentoo Going To Hell?

    Triggered by recent examples of bad behavior and dissatisfaction among developers and users alike, the Gentoo Council has drafted a new Code of Conduct that will be enforced for both developers and users. The draft version of the Code of Conduct is currently being discussed on the Gentoo-dev mailing list. To subscribe, send an email to [email protected] or read the archive. The Code of Conduct will be voted upon by the Gentoo Council Thursday, March 15th; implementation will be immediate upon final approval. The Code of Conduct describes what the Gentoo Council has deemed acceptable and unacceptable behavior. It also describes the punishment that will be enforced if the Code of Conduct is breached. The Gentoo Council expects the Code of Conduct to end the bad behavior shown by some and hope it will help Developer Relations enforce good behavior among the developers. The Gentoo Council has scheduled a Question and Answer session Wednesday, March 14th between 2100UTC and 2300UTC in the #gentoo-council channel on the Freenode IRC network, irc:// We welcome all interested parties to participate in the Question & Answer session.

    Code of Conduct:

    I am not much of a Gentoo user, but looking at recent negative activity from the Gentoo camp, I would say this is definitely bad news... Gentoo 2007.0 still isn't out yet...

    How bad do you all think this will impact the Gentoo distribution?
    Michael Larabel

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    I am not much of a Gentoo user, but looking at recent negative activity from the Gentoo camp, I would say this is definitely bad news... Gentoo 2007.0 still isn't out yet...
    i am gentoo user.

    bad stirrs in developer community have always been there. starting with the time daniel robbins pulled all the strings in gentoo. the situation got louder because a few more well-known devs left the project.

    some got insulted (flameeyes) , some got tired or burned out.

    gentoo still attracts more developers than it loses, new draft of the code of conduct has been proposed yesterday, to help with such awful situations.

    ill-behaved developers are in every distribution. the problem is that gentoo devrel can do little about that, and that is going to change, hopefully.


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      I'm actually very interested in Gentoo, and its derivative Sabayon. When I first started really getting into Linux Gentoo was the first distribution I went to. Needless to say being fairly new to Linux my first attempt with Gentoo didn't go all that well (barely managed to get it installed, and then didn't know exactly what to do with it when I did).

      I've given Gentoo another chance now that I am much more familiar with Linux and I really like how it leaves everything up the user, which is something that no other distribution does from what I've seen. This feature is not something you can easily give to the majority of Linux users because it adds complexity, and especially not newly-converted ex-Windows users . There may be some problems with some of the developers, but I think that any recent problems in the community will get ironed out in this distribution because there are many Linux users who understand the importance of Gentoo.


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        I always keep a version of Sabayon around as well... I've already used it as a rescue disk when I misconfigured my Mandriva xorg.conf .. It was much easier to do that from the comfort of a gui rather than vi.. All the while listening to Amarok was also a nice bonus...
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