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Linux Lite. Just a Junk.

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  • Linux Lite. Just a Junk.

    F1. When I launch Linux Lite live it takes way too long to boot, because of md5checksums that cannot be cancelled with ctrl+c (despite it saying it below!). Cancelling does f...g nothing. I have no patience for this fake crap
    2. While typing the mouse jumps all f...g over the place. What the f...k is wrong with them? Do they even use their own distro?
    3. Firefox has ugly 1999 menus. None other distros have it. Useless crap, that cannot be turned of with "alt". Don't f...g touch Firefox just to uglify it.
    4. Panel is f...g ridiculously small, icons are cramped and that is on 17" with 1600x900 resolution. And its still f...g small. Are they even using what they created????
    5. I can't f...g see clock (I suppose in the right bottom corner there should be a clock, but I can't see the s...t whatsoever, although it seems much too wide to be a clock).
    6. Right clicking on the bottom right corner revealed it might be a clock. Its stil stupid to adjust it many times to have proper visable size.
    7. Clock is too f...g long. Its digital era and not year 1245 and nobody thinks a day and night cycle has 12hrs. What the f...k?
    8. Calendar cannot be resized its ugly and unresizable. Not even with alt. Zero events can be added to calendar. Zero integration with any PIM and messaging.
    9. Resizing panel to be visible revealed its stupidity. All icons are different sizes. Originally clock was f...g small and unreadable with some stupid useless seconds and am/pm shown. Then the volume icon is motha-f...g H UUUUUGE!!!!. Nothing Scales. WiFi antennna is your tiny p*nis size. WHAT THE F*CK is wrong with Linux Lite devs ???? Are they even using what they created??????
    10. There's unrecognizable icon in the systraty. I don't f...g know what it represents. Is yellow when everything in systray is black and white and this ugly yellow thing is there.
    12. The f...g yellow thing when you click on it reveals its suppose to represent updates. It doesn't pull down any updates at all. Clicking on it doesn't show any packages to be updated. Once clicking on updates (I can just use synaptic or apt-get) only then pulls down updates. So what the f...k this s...t is doing there in the first place??
    13. Preference of this ugly yellow thing reveal that its F...NG CHECKING UPDATES EVERY TWO HOURS. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?
    14. Removing this f...g yellow thing via synaptic reveals (name cannot be easily found, one has to guess what the name of this fugly thing is!!!).
    15. Icons in the left corner are crammed (don't you know the word SEPARATION???)
    16. Firewall is fake/broken. Clicking on it in the menu gives some broken popups. F**k Linux Lite devs and their "secrutiy". Don't they use their own distro? Go f...g back to your windows and stop doing this s...t, you fake a...les.
    17. Font rendering is disgusting. Fonts in Libre Office are S H I T. I typed lorem ipsum... OMG. What the f...k?! Rendering of fonts. You don't even know such a word. You ever heard of patched cairo, patched freetype, color filtering, color filtering strenght??? What is wrong with those devs?
    18. Some apps have generic names only (like shotwell) NO MATTER WHAT you f...g change in whisker menu. Mish mash.
    19. File manager has no shortut (meta+F)
    20. Icons in file manager are f...g small like hell in all places
    21. First icon in quick launch on panel desktop/minimize all. That is the first thing I want to launch.
    22. "Menu" word belongs to blue icon and it looks like it belongs to minimize all? Why would you call minimize all - menu? Shouldn't menu be on the left size? And what does menu to do with minimize. Why are you calling minimize "Menu". Are you high??
    23. Top of the windows while dragging (I suppose some dynamic movies/videos too) are tearing/jerky. Ever heard of Compton/Picom f...kers!

    Basically such stupid devs that don't use their own distro shoud go f...k themselves.
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    Update: I have just checked if its doable to have something useful and clean from XFCE. It seems its doable to have decent even size icons on XFCE panel and non-bloated applications menu (whisker is a junk and poorly coded). Xfce has one and it does not need whisker because there's an app finder under "alt+F2" or in menu uner "run program" in the default XFCE (which you can reposition to be closer to your mouse click -see scerenshots below).

    Clean, good looking, non-disturbing XFCE is possible with a few clicks:

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