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Initial Fedora 32 vs. Fedora 33 Beta Benchmarks Point To Slightly Higher Performance

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    Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post

    What about a (post-install) script or daemon that searches for databases and disables COW accordingly? Since it can be assumed that most databases are either under /var or $HOME it would (should) work with Fedora Atomic or Silverblue as well as regular editions.

    What's funny is that ZFS has this exact same issue with databases and other "exotic" formats. And that makes me wonder if other filesystems have database issues which then makes me wonder if the best solution is upstream patches per file system, a daemon, a post install script, or what???
    A post-install script is rather adhoc and has to be duplicated for every distro. Fedora developers have pushed patches upstream for libvirt, cp etc. There is no reason db developers can't add this for COW filesystems, the amount of code to do this is fairly minimal and afaik, it is safe to do