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Ubuntu 20.10 Adding Active Directory Support To The Installer

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    Joining AD? bah - the 90's called and wants its tech back

    #BeyondCorp FTW :P

    (now to figure how out to actually implement it and implement it well :P)


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      Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
      ...bleh, who am I trying to kid. I'm stuck with small companies because I don't have the skills and qualifications needed to break into an MNC.
      What are you talking about, MNC will hire anyone. It's the small companies that are more focused where you can put your skills to good use.


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        Originally posted by bug77 View Post
        What are you talking about, MNC will hire anyone. It's the small companies that are more focused where you can put your skills to good use.
        So true. Based on my experience you need only two skills to flourish in a MNC:
        The ability to produce lots and lots of hot air and the ability to identify the posteriors which you have to crawl into.
        In some MNCs being a psycopath is a huge bonus as well.

        I've been working in two MNCs so far (avionics/automotive, both safety related), and the kind of work i had there was a complete joke, not to mention the absurd bureaucracy hell. I won't go into details or i'll rant for hours; All i can say is that i really don't want to sit in a new plane or car anymore, only stuff that has been "tested in public" for a couple of years at least...

        Of course there might be MCNs that do it better, my experiences are a small sample overall, so i wouldn't mind hearing of more positive examples.


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          Since this is a dev/Non-LTS release, giving a shit about it one way or another isn't the point. Testing it is.


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            Originally posted by anarki2 View Post
            Or... how about just DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING anymore.
            We already have debian for that, sounds like you should be using that instead.


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              Microsoft is actively pushing large corps into hybrid azure domains with "password less login" (Hello for business)..
              In the end it´s device attestation via TPM modules and multi factor authentication via their cloud service..
              Doesn´t work on linux, as you can´t get a device attestation token.. / there is no device attestation client for Linux (there is for android/ios called microsoft Intune).
              They have a lot of incentives for businesses to adopt their cloud MFA and so on, most of their cloud services can be configured in such a way, that they can only be accessed from "trusted devices" (device attestation).. This seems to be the default config..

              Thereby locking you out of most things like Office 365, Teams, Sharepoint and so on, if you dare to use a Linux base PC, as the login will work, but access will be denied as your are accessing the service from an "untrusted device".

              Guess this is their plan to create a vendor lock and selling it to corporate IT departments as a security feature.